TC Challenge Beta Plugin

Purchase the TC Challenge Beta Plugin and add a unique Survival Challenge experience for your players based on the Tree Spirit Challenge.

The final price is yet to be determined, but you can receive your copy now for as little as $10.

See the description below for more details.

Beta Buyers get a special Plugin Beta Role and access to private chat room in the TreeCrafters Discord.

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Average Price – $13.33

Minimum Price: $10.00



What is the Challenge?

The TreeCrafters Challenge is the first Spigot/Bukkit plugin based on the Tree Spirit Challenge, which has players build a World Tree that they cannot leave. With our plugin, players must place logs to extend “roots”, and if they go more than 3 blocks away from those roots, they take Wither Effect Damage.

For a detailed look at all of the features, and for support requests, check out the forums.

In this video you can see a quick rundown of the main features of the Challenge and plugin, including:

– Planting a New Tree / Starting the Challenge
– Extending Your Roots and Using Pylons
– Dangers of Leaving Your Roots
– Root Protection / Grief Protection

– Adding Visitors or Members to a Tree
– Custom Crafting Recipes
– Managing Players

Skyblock In Open World

The Tree Spirit Challenge follows a similar concept to Skyblock in that players are restricted by patient and challenging growth. The difference with the TC Challenge Plugin: Players are in an open world they can explore.

Unique Survival Gameplay

If you are looking for a new challenge to add to your Survival Multiplayer Server, this is a great place to start. It increases the difficulty of Survival gameplay and makes those nasty hostile mobs scary again.

Multiplayer Friendly

Players can add each other as Members and Co-Owners of each other’s tree’s to allow groups to work together to build epic forests, or they can invite a Visitor to have temporary access to walk on their tree’s roots safely.

High Performance

We are always thinking about performance and resource usage of this plugin because of how complex some of the behind-the-scenes processes are, so you can know that lag and optimization are TOP priority during the plugin’s development.

Built-In Anti-Grief

Because of the nature of the Challenge, it takes a while for griefers to be able to extend their roots out to other player’s builds. This helps to prevent griefers from doing quick destruction drive-bys on your server.

Regularly Updated

Since we’re using this plugin on our own TreeCrafters Challenge Server, we are constantly updating it to bring new features and bug fixes to you. During the pre-order phase of this plugin, updates will be released via our Discord Server.


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