Beta Sponsor


Note: Donating to the TreeCrafters Server through this product goes directly to the server costs, and not to the Café Stifflered YouTube channel. Donating to the TreeCrafters Server will not necessarily grant you additional perks through Café Stifflered.

Show your support for the TreeCrafters server by becoming an Beta Sponsor! For every $5 donated, you’ll receive 10 Tokens in game which will soon be able to be used to unlock many different features on the server, at a significant discount compared to the future costs of these Tokens.

Beta Sponsors will also receive a custom nametag, special particle effect only available for them, and other beta-only goodies that will be rolled out in very short order.

Thank you for showing your love of the TreeCrafters server and keeping it moving continually forward!



  • 10 Tokens (trade in game for other perks)
  • Unique Nametag
  • Unique Particle Effect
  • Your donation announced to the entire server
  • Name added to the Hall of Sponsors (currently being built)
  • Eternal Glory