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Hello, I'm glad to see you guys are still playing together for a new adventure ! 

I'd love to join you again !

  • How long have you been playing Minecraft?
    • 10y+
  • What Minecraft forums or communities have you been a member of? (please provide a link to your profile)
    • treecrafters
  • Have you ever been a part of a brand new server before?
    • a few
  • Are you comfortable with the possibility of game-breaking bugs coming up during this development phase?
    • yes
  • Do you agree to report any bugs and gameplay problems, or suggest new features, to the development team?
    • yes
  • How old are you?
    • 29
  • Have you ever been banned from a server before?
    • no
  • Do you agree not to use cheats and hacks or to grief your fellow players?
    • yes
Posted : 04/03/2018 6:33 pm
Estimable Member Admin

Hey grillo!

Welcome back to the server, pal! I've got you whitelisted. 

Be sure to join us in Discord sometime and keep up with the chatter in there. You may see a few familiar faces. 🙂


Also, let me know when you expect to log into the server so I can give you a quick tour and get you started in the fun. 

IP: mc.treecrafters.online

Posted : 05/03/2018 6:27 am

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