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In order to be added to the alpha phase of the TreeCrafters server, you'll need to fill out this whitelist application form. 

Before you say anything, yes, I know this is quite an extensive application form. We're in early development and are really serious about only having a few players that can give us great feedback during this phase. As the server evolves and grows we'll definitely be relaxing on this form, and someday we'll even get rid of it altogether!

Make sure you create your own thread in this forum with the following subject:

[Whitelist Application] Your In Game Name

Then, answer the following questions:

  • How long have you been playing Minecraft?
  • What Minecraft forums or communities have you been a member of? (please provide a link to your profile)
  • Have you ever been a part of a brand new server before?
  • Are you comfortable with the possibility of game-breaking bugs coming up during this development phase?
  • Do you agree to report any bugs and gameplay problems, or suggest new features, to the development team?
  • How old are you?
  • Have you ever been banned from a server before?
  • Do you agree not to use cheats and hacks or to grief your fellow players?

After that, it's just a short waiting game. One of our team members will come by these forums and review your application, then we'll get you online.

While You're Waiting:

Browse our forums to see the progress that other players have made, learn tips about how to get ahead in the challenge, and start getting your name out there to other members of the server. Not only will you learn a thing or two about what this community is doing, but you'll look good for the team member who reviews your application for acceptance. Win-Win!

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Posted : 07/12/2017 9:46 am

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