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Hello, I recently purchased the plugin. I have a single spigot server with different multiverse, would I be able to enable the plugin in only a certain world. I have the prefix of the world set to the world name I want it to be in, however the plugin is enabled on the rest of my server. Other problems I am currently running into, probably in result of the first one, is that players do not have fly at the start, nor do they take wither damage when walking away from their roots. Thank you for your help!

Posted : February 8, 2019 9:58 am
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Hi there!

Sorry for the delayed response. 

1. As OP you will see the root tracker in all worlds, but the challenge rules will only apply in the specific world that you've selected. Meaning in all other worlds, players won't get flight or withered. Unless there's something else going on, in which case I'd like to know what version of Spigot you're running. Run /version in game and send me the result.

2. You'll need to give your players the tcchallenge.use.withereffect permission if you want them to have wither effect when they leave their roots.

3. Does your server have fly disabled for players? Have you tried relogging to see if the player gets flight after relogging? Are they in the world you set as the prefix?

Posted : February 9, 2019 1:10 am

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