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I don't know if these are still active, but I thought I might as well start my own one. I've been working on both 1.12 and 1.13, so I'll wright a bit for both.


I had a rough start, I accidentally landed at spawn and couldn't take off again, I re-logged though and it was fine. Shortly afterwards I found an interesting spot and planted my tree. Almost immediately i was attacked (teach me not to notice its night xD) and died. for some reason I respawned somewhere underground and died I'm not sure how many times before learning of the /heart command. I'm not sure if this was a bug? Oh well. 
A friend on the server suggested I break my tree and start up near her so we could work together (Love you Chee <3) Picked a really pretty spot and so far I've built part of a house and a little wheat and tree farm. So far I've had a lot of fun these two days! especially the fireworks party in last nights stream xD 


I started on the 1.13 server today, and probably spent way too much time online to be honest. I made a little shack, pathed my way to the mushroom Island and explored it a bit, brought some mooshroom and a sheep home. after some breeding and sheering, I now have a small mooshroom and cow farm, and one little sheep. Worked a bit with Variety to do some mining, and got some diamonds, lava, obsidian and iron. Made a Nether portal in my shacks basement, now named the Psycho's Basement, and did some carving to give my animals some space. Also made a small, not particularly efficient wheat and sugar cane. 

Wow... wrote a lot more than expected xD but I've had a lot of fun on the server so far <3

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Haven't done too much in the last 2 days, I've started building a proper house on the 1.12 server, and made some plans for the Fireworks competition. 

As far as 1.13, I've started mapping the area around the island, thought having to bridge everywhere makes it a lot harder. so far there are 14 small maps put together to form the Island. I've also built a small house, and renamed my tree. The majority of my base is underground, including an aquarium (with 4 fish and a turtle), a nether portal, and a farm of cows, sheep, pigs, chicken and mooshroom. I have plans to also put a wheat, carrot and sugar cane farm (with potatoes, pumpkins, melons and beetroot when i can find some xD) I also have plans to root out from the island towards (hopefully) another one, but that will likely take a long time nd a lot of logs.

My Aquariam
My farm;
The map;
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