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As I continue to push towards creating a game mode that adds more realistic and tree-themed mechanics, I am so happy to introduce living and functional roots for you to add to your builds. Starting today, your roots will suck up resources and transport them to other places on your tree - just like a real root system!

These new blocks and items being added to the game will allow you to enhance the utility of your tree in a way that just makes sense. Using these special roots alongside your main tree root system, you can create automatic item transportation, sorting, and crafting systems. 

Here's a quick and dirty example of wood planks being transported through the roots to a chest:

How do these roots work?

By placing your new roots next to each other, you'll see that they become connected. Different root types have different functionality, and by crafting those root types and connecting them together, you can create automated systems that will make managing your resources a whole lot easier (even easier than redstone).

You can craft different root types and start using them very easily using the crafting recipes below, but in order to access some of the functionality of the different root types you'll need to make yourself a Wood Router with four redstone and a stick.

Using the Wood Router for changing the functionality of your different root types is simple. You just right-click on the root with the Wood Router in hand, and a new GUI will open up for you to change the settings. But, what are those settings, you ask? Well, read on to learn more:

Root Types

To start things off, let's look at the base Root which will be used to transport your items.

And yes, I do realize that these don't really look like roots right now - there's an update to the textures coming soon!

Base Root:

Using four Sticks and four Glass Blocks in the order you see above, you can create four hollowed out Roots to place around your build. On their own they don't do too much, you'll need to get an Extraction Root to get any items to flow into these Roots. You'll need a lot of these, though, to transport the items longer distances, so make sure you make quite a few to get you going.

Colored Root:

You can also color these Roots for decorative and functional purposes! Placing two different colored Roots side-by-side will not cause them to connect, allowing you to create complex Root systems that force items to flow in different directions.

Change the color of your Roots by crafting a base Root alongside a dye of some sort.


Extraction Root:

In order to get items into your Root systems, you'll need an Extraction Root attached to any other vanilla storage block in the game. Craft an Extraction Root using four Sticks and four Glass Blocks, just like with the base Root, but add a Hopper to the center position to finish the recipe.

Place an Extraction Root next to a Hopper, Chest, Trapped Chest, or other storage item to start pulling resources out of that storage item and send them along the root system you're building. 


Right-click with your Wood Router to open the Extraction Root GUI. From here, you can change settings for:

  • Direction from which it extracts resources
  • If it needs Redstone to activate
  • How many items at a time it will extract
  • If items should be filtered (see item filter options at the bottom of this post)


Ice Root:

Ice Roots are crafted the same as a base Root, but with an Ice Block in the center. These roots function exactly like the base Roots, but transport items faster.


Iron Root:

Iron Roots are crafted with an Iron Block in the center of the recipe. Iron Roots can be considered one-way roots, and when you right-click them you can change the direction that they will force items to flow. You could use these after an item filter system (using the Golden Root) to force non-filtered items to go back down the line to other filter, crafting, or storage systems.


Void Root:

Craft one of these bad boys with Obsidian in the center space. Want to destroy items going through your filter systems that you won't ever need? Send them into a Void Root!


Crafting Root:

Place a Crafting Table in the center of this recipe to make a Crafting Root. With these you can now create automatic crafting systems! This Root Type actually has two uses for the Wood Router to make it function.

First, when you right-click with the Wood Router, you'll see a GUI for setting the direction that the items that are crafted are output into. This GUI will also show you items currently in queue to be crafted into the recipe that you will set in the second GUI.

You can set the recipe that is activated with the Crafting Root by holding Shift while right-clicking with the Wood Router. This opens the classic crafting GUI, which you will use to set the input and output variables for the Crafting Root to use. 


Golden Root:

Place a Gold Block in the center of this recipe to create the Golden Root.

This Root is probably the most complex of all of them, which is why it is last. The Golden Root allows you to create resource filter systems to make sure that your items are going to the right places around your build. 

The first thing to know is that each line in the GUI represents a different direction that you can choose to filter specific items through. The colors in the GUI are associated with the colors that you see when you look at the Golden Root in the game, just like below with purple, green, and red:

Simply place the items that you want to filter in each specific direction and items that flow into the Golden Root will be sent in their respective directions along other Roots.

You can also filter the items by more than just the item type, but also the damage value and the meta values. This allows you to send certain enchanted items down different Roots, as to your liking. See the note on filtering items below for more details.

You can also disable a direction entirely by clicking on the colored block in the GUI several times. This will show barrier blocks where you would put the items you want to filter, signifying that that direction is disabled. Items can flow INTO a Golden Root from this blocked direction, but will never flow OUT in that direction.


A Note On Filtering:

The below quote is taken from the plugin's official description page, and is useful for understanding exactly how the filters on Extraction and Golden Roots work:

"Type stands for the material of the item (e.g. the material of any colored wool is still wool). 

Damage stands for the durability of a tool item and in correlation to "non-tool" items, they determine the "damage" value (e.g. the damage value of wool is the color of the wool and the damage value of wood is the specific type of wood)."

What will you build?

I'd really love to see how you guys put all of this into use. Please let me know when you start using Roots in your builds so I can come and check it out, or post screenshots below with what you've done!

Good luck with the new feature, and enjoy. 🙂

Posted : February 2, 2018 9:23 am

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