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Who's ready to start a new tree in a 1.13.1 world? How about one near Australia? 🙂

That's right! There are two big things to announce today: We now have a new server for testing our game mechanics in 1.13.1, AND that server is located near Australia (for our Aussie and Kiwi friends who might like something a little nicer to connect to).

The New 1.13.1 World:

As most of you already know, moving to 1.13.1 is going to be a beast of a project. Tech and I have already started work on making sure the pieces are compatible, but it's time to start doing a bit more testing with actual players. That's where you come in. If you'd like to start a new tree in a 1.13.1 world and help break the plugins while we get ready to move into Beta, now's your chance.

IP Address:

Now, you may be curious about a few things on the server. Most plugins are not active on this server, for example, and our world generation looks pretty vanilla (hint: it is vanilla). This is for a few reasons:

1. When we finally do move into Beta, I want to have one server that stays fairly Vanilla with mechanics. That means no custom world generation and few custom items and tools. This server will be that for us going forward. We need a way to work on the challenge plugin with actual players without possible conflicts with other plugins and mechanics. It's a great way to test the plugin's stability on its own without dealing with the complexity of making it work with dozens of other plugins.

After all, we will be releasing the plugin to the public at some point in the future, and not every server will have gameplay features and custom items like ours. Oh, and if you're wondering why we're releasing the plugin to the public at all, it's pretty simple: If we don't do it, somebody else will. It's inevitable that if our server gets enough attention that some developer will try to recreate the plugin and sell it. We might as well release it first (much like the original Skyblock server released the original Skyblock plugin).

2. Some players just don't want to deal with a lot of complexity. They want a Vanilla world and mostly Vanilla mechanics, with the icing of the TreeCrafters Challenge on top. If that sounds more up your alley than learning all of the customizations we're adding into the main server, then this is the server for you to join.

3. Some players CAN'T deal with a lot of complexity. It's not unusual for our current server to kick some players or cause lag because some of your computers can't handle all of the extra goodies we've added. That's OK! You should still be able to enjoy the challenge with your friends without too much trouble, and this server will help make that possible. 

Will the world be reset after testing?

Probably not. I don't see much of a reason to. If we ever do need to reset this world, then we'll create a new world instead but keep the existing one as a sort of museum, much like we're going to do with the current 1.12.2 server worlds.

"Why host it near Australia? US and European players won't have a good connection to it!"

Well, first of all, US players will still have a playable connection. There is a pretty direct route from the States to the Singapore datacenter, as opposed to other locations we could be hosting it. In my testing, the latency from the US to the datacenter in Singapore where this server is hosted is about the same as what it is to the main server in France. 

Because of the reduced customizations and far fewer plugins, the increase in ping for European and US players will also not affect gameplay as much. When your ping is 250ms and you have to render a lot of particles, textures, root pathing, tools, etc.... then the lag is noticeable. When it's a mostly Vanilla features, then the latency won't affect you nearly as much. 

Finally, we have friends in Australia and New Zealand who would like to play the Challenge, too! It's much more difficult for them to enjoy a server in Europe with high ping and a lot of customizations. If we're going to have a Vanilla-ish server, then Oceania/Singapore is the best location to host it. 

Will there be any plugins added later?

Yes. While we're going to keep things fairly minimal, over time we will add a few small plugins to the server to improve the quality of life. We'll likely add an economy plugin at some point so that players can buy/sell goods, and some other plugins like GriefPrevention will be added so players can protect their builds. I may also consider adding a creative build world to the server if you guys really want that.

BUT, and this is a big but, we need to wait until some of these plugins are updated to support 1.13.1. They'll come over time, but again, there will be far fewer than the main server and I don't want to go much further beyond what is already there. If you have any specific requests, feel free to ping me. 

As always, please be patient while features are tweaked and added. 1.13.1 is still not supported by most plugins, so we're really waiting on a lot of them to be bug free.

Any existing bugs to know about?

Nothing too major. Pylon particle effects don't work right now, and you'll need to use /kit pylons to get Pylons right now until a bug is fixed with the crafting recipes.

Can I join if I already have a tree on the main server?

Absolutely! The more the merrier. We have a lot of testing to do before the challenge plugin is ready for 1.13.1 on the main server. This server has the same whitelist as the main server, but if for some reason you can't connect just let me know and I'll make sure you're added to the whitelist.

So... what's next?

Time to get busy! Head to after switching to 1.13.1 in your Minecraft launcher, and let's get started! By the way, I've already claimed the mooshroom island near the coral reef, so BACK OFF! 😀

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