The Market is Coming!  

Young Tree Admin

Things are starting to come together at the new market region to the southeast of spawn. There's still much work to be done, but thanks to everyone who pitched in (Blazinfox555, xkea, Mailleweaver, and Althing), the place is looking great. We've ever got the first member of our new zoo. 😛

Here's what it looked like at the start of the day:

From there we added a number of custom jungle trees, some yellow decor, a few paths to future shops, and much better lighting.

Althing chipped in with a great statue protecting the market from a sea invasion.

And we got our first shop setup - come and get low to medium tier armor from Geoff & Co!

xkea thought it would be fun to have a pet zombie. I don't disagree.

As we continue to work on building out the market, you'll start to see it really come to life. Player and server-run shops will be opening, some pretty special areas with great views will open up, and we're even thinking about having a hide-and-seek area under the dunes to the east. All in due time!

Posted : December 8, 2017 2:57 am

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