The Last Stream of TC Alpha 1.12.2  

Young Tree Admin

My friends, the TC Alpha 1.12.2 server is coming to an end. 

At least, it's coming to an end on the live streams. Tonight at 6 PM Eastern US Time, I'll be hosting the final live stream on the 1.12.2 server before we jump over to the new 1.13.2 server network next week. 

While the 1.12.2 server will stay online in the future for you to play on (all Alphas will have full access) and for new players to visit as a sort of museum, the live streams and server parties will move over to the new worlds and servers as we work through the Beta phase of development. 

The Agenda

During tonight's final 1.12.2 live stream, we're going to hit on a few things:

  • Visiting player's builds and showing them off 
  • A look back over the history of The Tree Spirit Challenge and TreeCrafters
  • Shout-outs to notable players and staff
  • Talking about the new server network and some of the features being added
  • Answering your questions

It's gonna be a fun time tonight, and I hope to see you all over there! Be sure to stop by at 6 PM Eastern. You only have a few hours to finish up your tree builds between now and then, so you better get on the server and get to work if you'd like to show off your creations! 🙂


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