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While working on the new marketplace in that custom biome, I realized that area is going to take a WHOLE LOT longer to get to a finished point before it's ready for people to go to. 

I also have been trying to figure out what to do with the spawn area when you first enter this world (not the hub that you spawn in when you join the server). 

Put those two things together, and you have the Spawn Market.

This will be a fairly small market with a few general server shops (and a small area with any additional information to share about gameplay), but more importantly this will be where you guys can claim a plot for your first shop! 

Plots will be fairly small - we'll stick to no larger than 10x10, and I'd like to try and stick to a similar style that is flexible enough for you to add your own personality, but still looks fairly decent for new players that join. 

Remember, this will be the very first area that the first new players from outside will see when the server officially launches. Any of you that set up a shop here will have one of the first shops that all new players will get access to, so try to challenge yourself to make it useful for them (and also look great)!

To get to the new Spawn Market, you just have to take a root to spawn ring. From there you can walk around freely. I have building turned off for the region unless you're given permission, so make sure you check in with me if you want to build a shop there. I'm also happy to take your advice and help with building the server shops if you don't want a shop for yourself yet. 🙂

I am still figuring out command block shops so that you can have a protected chest which gains or removes materials based on a sign that a player right-clicks on. Once that's ready, your shop will function even when you're AFK, but until then it'll just be when you're online.

Some Things You Could Sell:

  • Colored wools, dyes, and clay for decoration (some trees aren't in the best spot to find those resources).
  • Armor (even colored armor) and tools that might be difficult for players to get to on their own (mining is definitely more difficult in this challenge)
  • Build help - take your root out to a player's tree and help them with construction of something cool, maybe even a mob farm?
  • Enchantments - if you have a lot of XP, you could sell enchantments and renames on your customer's items.
  • Repairs - mcmmo allows you to repair items with an mcmmo anvil (iron block), you could sell that service with little problem

First Screenshots:

Posted : December 9, 2017 8:21 am

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