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Have we actually done it? Have we gotten to a point with the TreeCrafters Challenge Plugin that we can finally bring it to the server?

I believe we have, my friends. 🙂

It's been a long road, but we're finally here. The TreeCrafters Challenge Plugin will be installed on the server very, very soon, and you'll be able to follow the original Tree Spirit Challenge rules, with a few modifications, in style. 

Just yesterday we finalized a version of the plugin that brings massive optimizations and cleaned up a few final features that make this plugin ready to go. That means we can now install the plugin on our live server and play with it, even while more features are added in the future.

Before we install the plugin, however, you should prepare your trees for a few changes.

1. Saving Your Inventory

When you log in after the plugin is installed, your inventory will be completely wiped and replaced with the different varieties of Saplings. The plugin will treat you as if you are a brand new player, since it doesn't have any information about you stored anywhere until you plant a Sapling. 

This means you need to save your inventory in a chest so that you don't lose any precious items. 

That said, I have a backup plan in case you are unable to do this before the plugin is installed. Everyone's inventories are saved automatically on a daily basis, and before I install the plugin I will also be manually running the inventory save feature. Once you plant your Sapling, a command will run which reloads your most recently saved inventory. If you put your items in a chest before I install the plugin, this means you'll have an empty inventory loaded. If you don't put your items in a chest, then your inventory will look like what you had before. 

In addition to that, I can run a command individually to load a player's inventory, just in case the automatic restore doesn't work after you plant your Sapling.

This might not consistently work, though, which is why you should play it safe and save your inventory in a chest. This is a final warning - don't complain if your inventory gets wiped and you lose everything. You have a few days to prepare. 

One other thing to note - sometimes experience gets botched up in the restore process. You may want to store your XP in bottles as well, and store them in a chest. You can do this by holding shift and right-clicking on a diamond block. This will convert your XP to bottles which you can place in a chest, and then use those bottles later to get most of your XP back.

2. Clear Space For Your Sapling To Grow

Since the plugin relies on planting a Sapling in order to place your heart log and get your tree started, you should clear a space now around where you want your heart log to go that will give ample space for a tree to grow.

When you are in the state of needing to plant your tree, you will be unable to place or break blocks, interact with chests or other such blocks, take damage, die, or aggro mobs. This means that if you don't clear a space for your Sapling to grow into a tree before the plugin is installed, you will be unable to clear the space until you plant your Sapling. 

A Staff Member can help you with this if you run into an issue, but if none of them are on when you are trying to plant your tree, then you'll have to wait. Play it safe and clear the space you need for a tree to grow now. 

If you are planting a Jungle Sapling: You need to have a 4x4 space cleared out, plus significant vertical clearance. Jungle trees require more space to grow due to their vines and height. 

If you are planting a Dark Oak Sapling: You need to have a 2x2 space cleared out, with significant vertical clearance. Just like the Jungle trees, Dark Oak trees can get pretty tall, but they don't need quite so much space at the base to grow.

For all trees: You need to make sure the space where you want your Heart Log has visibility of the sky, otherwise the Sapling will not grow. 

Finally, place a Dirt or Grass block in the space immediately below where you want your Heart Log to be positioned. Saplings can only be planted on Dirt or Grass.

If you do plant your tree in the wrong spot, you can right-click on your Heart Log and delete the tree. You'll get new Saplings again and can plant it where you want it. You CANNOT use Pistons to move your Heart Log.

3. Craft Some Pylons

Your Heart Log will only activate your roots out to 50 blocks away. If you want to place down roots further than 50 blocks away from your Heart Log, you'll need to use Pylons (name to-be-changed).

Pylons will activate your roots an additional 50 blocks away (by air). If you already have a fairly large tree, you may want to go ahead and craft a bunch of Pylons now so that after you plant your Sapling you'll be ready to go with extending your roots. 

When you are not on active roots, you will see a Warning in your Action Bar, and a Staff Member will get an alert. For right now, the Wither Effect will not be activated on players. In a future update, you'll start taking Wither Effect when you leave your roots. This is why you need Pylons.

To craft a Pylon, you can follow the recipe. You can use any tree type in the recipe (shown here is spruce wood), but you need to have matching fences, saplings, and logs in the recipe to get a Pylon (i.e. - you can't use Birch Fences with Dark Oak Saplings and Dark Oak Wood to craft a Pylon). 

See It In Action:

I've made several YouTube videos about the TreeCrafters Challenge and Tree Spirit Challenge already, and last night I released a video which basically summarizes everything I just wrote. Check them out below, and get excited! The plugin install on the live server is just around the corner, and it's going to take this server to a whole new level!

Thanks for all of your support and patience while waiting for this plugin to get to this point. There's still more to come in the future, but it won't be long until we move into Public Beta phase. Get your trees ready for the world to see. 🙂


Posted : May 13, 2018 5:14 pm

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