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This is the start of a fairly major feature-set within the Main Challenge server (and future TCMMO). Each different Tree type that players select when planting their Saplings will have different abilities, boosts, and nerfs applied to them. Today's update is a very early start to what those characteristics look like and will evolve and balance over time.

Oak Trees are healthy, self-sustaining, and offer as much back to the world as they take

  • 0.1% chance to find Carrots, Potatos, Beetroots, or Mushrooms when breaking Grass (not Grass Blocks)
  • Use /speed to walk/run at 1.2 times the speed of all other players - use /slow to go back to normal speed
  • Right-Click + Shift while wearing an Elytra to get launched into the sky

Birch Trees are as light as their bark as they swiftly spread their roots around the world.

  • Use /recharge to unlock flight charges (1 Exp = 1 Charge). You can now fly (double-tap space bar) for the distance/duration of remaining charges, where 1 block distance = 1 Charge (note that you can take Wither Effect and Fall Damage)
  • Use Super Boost with Elytra. Hold a Feather while flying and Shift + Right-Click the Feather to use 3 XP to get a stronger boost of speed. Remember: Players using Elytra do not take Wither Effect.
  • Only take 50% of the standard amount of Elytra crashing damage
  • Can craft and use the Ender Bow

Spruce Trees are like elite craftsman, able to use their tools in a more efficient way

  • Open a portable workbench with /wb anywhere in the world
  • Repair items in an Anvil beyond the 39 Level limit 
  • Can run /catnap to instantly reset Exhaustion level to prevent Phantoms from spawning
  • Use /condense to turn all ingots and ores in the inventory into blocks

Jungle Trees have strong branches and limbs that allow them to get out of dangerous situations while playing with the birds

  • Use /jb to get a 20 second jump boost
  • Only take 30% of the standard amount of fall damage
  • 0.01% chance of finding a Parrot Spawn Egg when breaking Jungle Leaves
  • Manifest your inner-Ocelot. Phantoms will no longer spawn near you.

Dark Oak are strong and sturdy, able to use their strength to do things other players cannot

  • Can ride Polar Bears by right-clicking with an empty hand. Press the space bar to stand up on hind legs and roar.
  • Only take 50% of the standard amount of starvation damage
  • Use a Fishing Rod as a grappling hook to travel short distances
  • Able to use /ec at no cost (everyone else pays $100).

Acacia Trees take on the spirit of the Savanna with swift movement and understanding of the land

  • Use /speed to walk/run at 1.7 times the speed of all other players - use /slow to go back to normal speed
  • Use /back to go back to the previous location teleported from. Can even be used to get back to where the player died.
  • Right-Click a Shulker Box to use it like a backpack from within the inventory
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