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Many people have found out about this server through the Tree Spirit Challenge thread on Unfortunately, that thread, even with hundreds of replies to it over the years, has not been updated due to the original poster no longer being active in Minecraft. 

I will be creating a new thread on the forums discussing the Tree Spirit Challenge for single-player use, and very briefly showing how TreeCrafters is using that concept as a base for our server's gameplay. I think that with all of the updates over the years, though, that we can do a lot to improve that thread and give people good information to work with. Some of you have played this challenge so many times, now, that you are practically experts on it.

So, I have a question for all of you: What are some tips that you would give to new Tree Spirit Challenge players to help them get started?

Remember - the TreeCrafters Challenge is based on the Tree Spirit Challenge, but they are not entirely the same (especially once our plugin is complete). I won't be going in-depth in the new thread on how the TreeCrafters Challenge works. This is strictly for the vanilla-based challenge (which will often be played in single player worlds).

A few more questions:

  • What about this Challenge is the most exciting bit for you? What made you want to start the Challenge? I'll likely emphasize some of these reasons in the opening segments of the new thread.
  • Should we keep the lore as-is, or change it up a bit?
  • Have you come across any new skins or resource packs that make the challenge work nicely?
  • Are there any mods worth mentioning?
  • What game mechanics in MC have changed since this Challenge was first introduced that you think should be mentioned?

Thanks for your feedback, guys! Everyone who posts here will be given credit in the new thread that I create over there.

Posted : April 3, 2018 6:15 am

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