TreeCrafters Challenge Plugin Dev Log  

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This thread is like the Alpha Update Log and is for tracking updates to the custom TreeCrafters Challenge Plugin that will be running as the core of our server's challenge.

Log into the test server to try out the latest buggy snapshots before updates are moved to the live server.

Current Features:

  • Players can plant a sapling to instantly get a tree with heart log
  • Right-click a heart log to get information about the tree and manage details
  • Add other players as Co-Owners, Members, and Visitors
  • Craft Pylons which can be individually named and teleported to/from the heart log
  • Delete a tree (with multi-layered confirmation dialog)
  • MySQL and Flatfile Support
  • PlaceholderAPI Support
  • Rudimentary root checking
  • Admins with the appropriate permission will see additional information about player trees
  • Wither Effect when a player leaves their roots
  • Safe Zones where players can roam freely in WorldGuard regions with the "tcc_" prefix in the name

Still To Come:

  • Unlockable blocks for heart logs, pylons, and root logs
  • Pylon particle effects
  • Root mapping finalized
  • Craftable items that let players leave the roots for a period of time without taking damage
  • Various other improvements

Crafting Recipes:

Pylons (used to extend range of active root logs by a 50 block radius for a player) - 


  • /tcchallenge (admins only)


  • %tcchallenge_treename%
  • %tcchallenge_pylons%
  • %tcchallenge_age%
  • %tcchallenge_date%
  • %tcchallenge_dateandtime%
  • %tcchallenge_treetype%


  • tcchallenge.admin - Allows access to the /tcchallenge command
  • tcchallenge.loglisten - Sends messages to Admins when a player leaves or joins their roots so you can see if a player is breaking the rules of the Challenge.
  • tcchallenge.withereffect - Players with this permission will take Wither Effect damage when they leave their roots
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Posted : 03/05/2018 11:42 am
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5/3/2018 - Friends

  • Add other players as Co-Owners, Members, or Visitors of your tree (they retain their existing tree).
    • Co-Owners can access some features by right-clicking the heart log or pylons
    • Members can place or break root logs
    • Visitors can walk on root logs

  • Confirmation dialog for deleting your tree (can no longer break a tree by hand)

  • When broken, Pylons now properly drop another Pylon instead of a normal fence post
  • Can now plant saplings on snow or tall grass
  • PlaceholderAPI Support
  • MySQL Database Storage
  • More Stats displayed (and others saved for later use)
  • Various bug fixes
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Posted : 03/05/2018 11:48 am
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5/4/2018 - Mapping and Members

  • Players can no longer plant a tree within 50 blocks of another existing heart log.
  • Player Access:
    • Players can set a time limit for other players to access their tree (Hover over the Player head in the GUI and press "Q" to set a time limit)
    • When a player is removed from accessing a tree, they are automatically TP'd back to their heart log to avoid taking wither effect
    • Players that are given Member access to a tree can now right-click heart logs and pylons to use them for TPing to other locations
  • Mapping is now set to show a player when they are within 2 blocks of an active root system. The Action Bar shows if they are connected or not, and also shows the number of wood logs that are nearby (even if they aren't connected to the heart log), if any.

  • New Placeholder - %tcchallenge_treetype%
  • Total number of placed Pylons are now shown in the heart log GUI
  • Players no longer aggro mobs if they haven't planted a tree yet
  • Players can no longer interact with chests if they haven't planted a tree yet
  • Wide variety of bug fixes and minor changes
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Posted : 04/05/2018 5:58 pm
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5/5/2018 - Hearts and Pylons

  • Tree Owners can now set the radius around them that will prevent other players from planting saplings (up to 50 blocks away if they want some privacy, and as little as 0 blocks away if they want close neighbors).
  • Admins can right-click any heart log or pylon to view the details about that tree
  • New Tree Root activation mechanics
    • Only Heart Logs and Pylons can activate a root system (not just any glowstone like before)
    • Roots are only active for the players that own the respective tree
    • Action Bar info has been updated

  • Players who have not placed a sapling yet can no longer interact with Trapped Chests, Ender Chests, Hoppers, Droppers, Dispensers, or Brewing Stands
  • The Tree List in the admin GUI now shows different tree types as the icons
  • Various bug fixes and improvements to root mapping

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Posted : 05/05/2018 11:49 pm
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5/8/2018 - We Need More Pylons

  • Roots are now only mapped out to 50 blocks away from a Heart or Pylon
    • This greatly reduces the impact of the plugin on the server
  • Only the Roots that are connected to a Heart or Pylon are counted now, instead of all surrounding wood blocks
  • Pylon crafting recipe now grants 3 Pylons instead of 1
  • Default protected range around a newly planted tree is now 25 blocks (instead of 50)
    • Bug fixed where if a player changed the protected radius, and another player planted a tree, the protected radius on the first player's tree would be reset back to default.
  • Players are healed and fed the moment they plant a tree
  • Various other bug fixes and mapping improvements
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Posted : 09/05/2018 1:44 am
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5/12/2018 - Usable.

This version of the plugin actually has the base features ready for live servers, though there are still bugs and new features being added in active development going forward.

  • Extremely optimized root mapping makes the processing as much as 100+ times faster on large trees. Roots that took longer than a minute to map before now take less than a second.
  • New permission: tcchallenge.logcheck allows staff to see the root mapping data and processing time in the Action Bar.
  • New permission: tcchallenge.loglisten sends staff a message whenever a player leaves their tree roots.
  • New button added to the /tcchallenge GUI which allows you to set the World Name that you want the plugin active in.
  • Players will see an Action Bar warning telling them when they are not connected to their logs. In the future this will be replaced with a wither effect punishment.
  • Various other big fixes included.
Posted : 13/05/2018 9:14 am
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5/15/2018 - To The Server And Beyond!

Forgot to post this the other day. Sorry about that.

This is the version of the plugin released to the TreeCrafters server. Testing for a few weeks and then starting on the next batch of updates.

  • Forced console commands to run when a player plants their sapling. These are hardcoded in right now, but we'll make them configurable in the future.
    • dmarker add playername icon:tree x:<x-coord> y:<y-coord> z:<z-coord> world:<Worldname>
    • cmi setwarp playername true
  • Changed the pylon GUI organization
  • Added Owner and Tree name under the Pylon Stats when right-clicking a Pylon
  • Fixed issue where players with really long names would not be able to plant a Sapling
  • Firework sounds when a player logs in (will probably remove this in the future)
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements
Posted : 19/05/2018 6:35 am
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5/22/2018 - Withered Away But Still Protected

  • Players with the tcchallenge.withereffect will take Wither Effect when they leave their roots for more than 5 seconds
  • All WorldGuard regions with the "tcc_" prefix are safe for players to walk in without roots
  • Unless granted permission, all of a player's roots now have a 3 block radius protection where no other players can place or break blocks
  • Players can no longer use different log types to extend their roots.
  • Range that players can leave their roots was increased to 3 blocks from 2
  • Countdown timer now shows in the Title letting the player to know they need to get back to their roots
  • Admin processing data in Action Bar removed
    • Permission also removed
  • Heart Log now counts as a log so a player can remove all wood blocks and still be safe
  • Bug fixed where a player could break a Pylon and get both a Pylon and a Fence
  • The /tcchallenge GUI which lists the trees can now search by both player name and tree name
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Posted : 23/05/2018 12:42 pm

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