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Young Tree Admin

3/23/2019 - It's been a little while

/server oz has been replaced with /server basics

TC Main

  • Players can now ride Turtles, Dolphins, Cows, and Mooshrooms
  • Players can now collect Squid, Dolphins, and Turtles with a Bucket of Water
  • Removed some unused features to clean up resource usage
  • 1% chance for mobs to drop their heads
  • Started conversion of custom recipes to new storage system which will solve some custom recipe issues
  • Fire can now spread and destroy blocks in claimed regions (non-trusted players still cannot start a fire manually in a region)
Posted : March 23, 2019 4:11 am
Young Tree Admin

4/1/2019 - No Fools Here

TC Main

  • Dramatically reworked fishing to reduce some potential exploits and overall the chance of catching legendary fish
    • Crayfish can no longer catch Legendary Fish
    • All normal baits can be bought from level 1
    • Most fish types have had more baits added to the list of how to catch them
    • Bait catch rates adjusted across the board for almost all fish
    • Some low level fish adjustments to catch rates - added Bitterling to lvl 2 catches
    • Legendary Baits require higher fishing level to purchase/use
  • Added ender.chest permission to Dark Oak players so they can run /ec for free
  • All players can run /ec for a cost of $100 in game money
  • Spawners now cost $250,000 at the Node (down from $10,000,000)
  • Added Slime Spawn Egg for $200,000
  • Farming plugin removed (hopefully temporarily)
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Posted : April 1, 2019 6:40 am
Young Tree Admin

4/16/2019 - Let's Bring It Back

TC Main

  • New Command: /ignoreperks. When you run this, you will no longer be granted the perk effects activated by other players in /tcperks. If you don't like increased speed or other effects, you can disable with this command. Run it again to enable perk effects.
  • Charms will now only work when holding in your off-hand or the first inventory slot. There was quite a bit of lag being caused by players with multiple charms in their hotbar. To combat this, players can now only have two charms active at any time - one in their off-hand and one in their first hotbar inventory slot.
  • Removed MobHunting rewards and stats tracking for boss mobs in The Flow. This was done for two reasons: 1. To reduce the checks that happen when mobs are spawned and killed in The Flow, helping lag slightly. 2. To prevent emphasizing competitive PvE combat on the server.
  • Deleted the existing boss mobs save file. It was previously over 2 MB in size and each time a mob spawned in The Flow the plugin would check over that entire file. I'll need to create a script that automatically deletes this file once it reaches more than 500 KB in size in the future, just to keep it clean. As an extra note: this plugin is not very well written and I'll be looking for a replacement eventually.
  • Re-added the Phantom and ridable mob plugins. Since those weren't a major cause for lag, those two plugins have been brought back in. Jungle are now safe from Phantoms again, and you can have fun gathering Turtles and other aquatic mobs in Buckets.
  • Changed the Redstone wiring algorithm. This should be a much more optimized method for handling Redstone wiring and block updates. Testing has shown significant reduction in lag caused by repeating Redstone contraptions.
  • Hunger Charm no longer drops. Players who already had the Hunger Charm will get to keep it and it will work as intended, but no mobs in The Flow will drop it going forward. This charm was entirely OP, preventing players from taking any Wither Damage at all when away from their roots.
  • Removed unneeded worlds. Spring cleaning.
  • Started work on transferring The Flow to another server. This will take a lot of work and won't be ready right away. It requires syncing inventories and other player data across servers which can be a little tricky, given how much data there is. I'll also try to time this to happen at the same time that the new Flow world is ready to launch so we all start with a clean slate.
  • /op commands disabled in game and all players deopped when joining. This is to prevent the recent exploit used on TC Basics to grief the server.
  • Removed the farming shop from the Node. Since the farming plugin was removed, this is no longer needed.
  • Decreased the cost of legendary fish bait slightly. Some players were actually losing a lot of money using this bait, so the cost needs balancing.
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Posted : April 16, 2019 4:19 am
Young Tree Admin

4/20/2019 - Two-Factor Stacking


  • Two-Factor Authentication added. A few commands you should know for this opt-in feature to add a little extra security to your account:
    • /2fa: Set up two factor authentication. This will give you a map which you can scan into your phone or a code to copy down.
    • /2fa <code>: Verify the code you received above to activate two factor auth, or log you in to your account if two factor auth is required.
    • /2fa remove: Sorry to see you go, but this will remove two factor auth from your account.
  • Upgraded server version to latest build. Always nice to have the latest version of the core files.
  • Started the long process of removing the Lobby server. We need to prepare for the day when we will not use a lobby server any longer. Instead, we'll use the /servers GUI to travel between servers, and when you log in you'll arrive back at the server you were on when you logged off. This is to eventually optimize resources.

TC Main

  • Cauldron recipes, leashing hostile mobs, XP storer (with Emerald Block), and some custom drops have returned. These features were removed because it was believed that they contributed to lag. They are back now.
  • Mob stacking plugin replaced with WildStacker. This should fix a lot of bugs with mob merging, like breeding issues. If you had merged mobs before that are now gone, let me know so I can replace them for you.
  • Donation reminders removed. This is the start of the process of removing donor perks from the server, including /tcperks. These are rarely ever used and the donation syncing process is picky. I'd prefer to just remove them than to spend time trying to fix it. You can still donate to the server to keep it running, but donor perks will not be granted on the server (they'll go through Café Stifflered instead of TreeCrafters). If you had previously purchased Xyken, you can use them now while the feature is still active.
  • Disabled riding Turtles. Just for now while I test some things with that feature. Also removed picking up Turtles in Buckets for now.
  • Upgraded server version to latest build. Always nice to have the latest version of the core files.
  • Server startup time reduced to 15 seconds. Down from what felt like an eternity (45+ seconds).
  • Updated Multiverse to version 3.0. This should give us significantly improved performance when teleporting to different worlds (like The Flow or Nether worlds) as it supports 1.13 much better than the old version.
Posted : April 20, 2019 4:33 am
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