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Young Tree Admin

1/12/2019 - Crash Me Outside

Main -

  • Fix for major bug which caused the server to crash
  • New decorative crops (recipes are 1 x Bonemeal + 3 x Crop)
  • Wheat Decoration can now be crafted with 1 x Bonemeal + 3 x Seeds
  • New achievements are available for killing mobs in creative ways. Full breakdown of these, in-game announcements, and interface coming soon.
  • Flow Arena now setup with Lobby and Stands having now PvP, but the battleground and surrounding world have PvP enabled.
  • Flow Mob drops increased slightly
  • Fixed an issue with mob kills not all being tracked for all players
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Posted : January 12, 2019 4:21 am
Young Tree Admin

1/13/2019 - Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Main -

  • Flow Updates
    • Disabled Ender Dragon spawning
    • Slightly increased the rate of Flow Mob spawning
    • Chat broadcast when a player kills a Flow Mob
    • Mobs gain higher levels the further from 0, 0 you go in The Flow
    • Mobs can now go up to level 18 and have from 40 to 300+ health
    • Loot drop chance reduced for lower level mobs
    • Stronger mobs drop higher experience (9 times the lvl of the mob)
    • Mobs can spawn in riding entities other than Bats (Horses, Polar Bears, etc...)
  • Fixed an issue where using a Water Bucket outside of a claimed area would cause lag
Posted : January 13, 2019 8:11 am
Young Tree Admin

1/14/2019 - Night of the Lepus

Main -

  • More Flow Updates
    • Fixed a few items not dropping
    • Mobs now spawn based on the region you're in. Zombies and Creepers spawn near the center of The Flow, while stronger mobs spawn further out. This allows us to limit certain drops to stronger mobs and now let people go too crazy farming every bit of epic loot in low level mobs.
    • Deadly Rabbits can now spawn in near the border (lvl 16-18)
  • Grief prevention claim block accrual reduced to 10/hour
  • Rune Guardians can now be summoned by right-clicking Redstone Ore instead of Diamond Ore
  • Increased Rune Guardian Health
  • Slightly reduced chance of finding Rune Dust
  • Slightly increased the Rune drop rate after killing a Rune Guardian
  • Fixed an issue where items held in the offhand slot would not grant their intended effects
  • Bug fixed at the Node Repair Shop where armor was not being repaired.
  • You must now left-click the Node Shops in order to open them, not right-click.
  • Added /lenny command.
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Posted : January 14, 2019 9:22 am
Young Tree Admin

1/15/2018 - Sushi Me

Main -

  • Added Rice as a crop you can harvest. Unlocked in /farm at lvl 5 farming
  • Added Furnace recipe to convert Rice Grain into Cooked White Rice.
  • Changed Pike fish from using Tropical Fish type item to use Salmon.
  • Added Sushi Roll as a food item.
    • Crafted with 7 Dried Kelp, 1 Cooked White Rice, and 1 Raw Salmon
    • Restores hunger instantly, has a 5 second cooldown so you don't accidentally run it twice in a row
    • Gives 4 saturation (the same as Rotten Flesh - Sushi isn't very filling)
    • Gives 6 Sushi Rolls when crafted
  • Increased rate of animals spawning (20 from 10)
  • Decreased rate of bats spawning (10 from 15)
  • Decreased rate of hostile mobs spawning (65 from 70)
  • Skeleton Horses can now be leashed
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Posted : January 15, 2019 8:07 am
Young Tree Admin

1/15/2019 - Alchemy

  • New Cauldron Recipe: Convert Gold Ore (x1) + Redstone Dust (x5) into Redstone Ore
  • New Cauldron Recipes: Convert dyed Shulker Box into undyed Shulker Box
  • New /coords and /sendcoords commands will put your coordinates in chat either privately or broadcast to all players.
Posted : January 15, 2019 1:22 pm
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