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Please report all bugs and feature requests to the appropriate forum.

This thread is for tracking all changes made to the server network during the Beta phase.

Beta is very similar to Alpha because there will be bugs and we will make lots of regular updates to the servers over time. 

The difference, however, is that Alpha was a lot of trial and error to find which features fit with the Challenge mechanics, and which did not. Beta, on the other hand, takes what are learned with all of the mistakes made during Alpha, and sets us up with a solid foundation to have a strong official launch in the future. 

Beta is also no longer whitelisted, and anyone may join the server. Expect to see lots of new faces stopping by, and please remind them to be patient when they experience bugs.

Now, let's get to the good stuff:

Posted : November 13, 2018 8:09 am
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Young Tree Admin

11/13/2018 - Make That Munz

TC Main -

  • Fishing now has a slightly faster experience formula during the early game. Will add a new lvl 1 fish to go alongside the Guppy to bring a little diversity to that early game grind.
  • Oat Grain reduced in sale price, purchase cost, length of time to grow, level requirement, and experience granted. Quantity of Seeds and Crops yielded with each harvest greatly increased. This is useful for feeding sheep, cows, and chickens, not good for making money or farming experience.
  • Teff Grain added as a high end, high priced, high level crop which has one of the highest return on investments in farming.
  • Farming experience formula adjusted slightly to slow down progression as players increase their levels. Compared to fishing, players were able to make a lot of money leveling up farming very quickly, and that has now changed.
  • Permissions plugin has gotten an update to resolve a caching issue which kept wiping all player permissions. Will continue to monitor.
  • Added /yt which will grant a YouTuber rank to player who meet requirements. Currently no benefit other than a chat prefix.
  • GriefPrevention Claim Blocks given to players reduced from 100 blocks/hour to 25 blocks/hour. Players will need to use the money they get from fishing, farming, trading, and player shops to purchase GP claim blocks at a faster rate.
  • Create a Shop and sell items using a GP claimed area and a chest (or furnace, shulker, dropper, etc...) full of the same items. Place the container down in your claimed area and type /shop to start setting up your chest shop. Purchase items from another player's shop with /buy.
  • Double axes can only be crafted with Diamonds or Obsidian.
  • Nether Portals are disabled until the custom portal plugin is installed.

TC Oz -

  • Added to the server network. 
  • Access using the Ocean-themed portal in the Hub, or with /server oz
  • Fire can now spread and destroy blocks (thanks Maille)
Posted : November 13, 2018 8:32 am
Young Tree Admin

11/14/2018 - Back To Where We Were

  • Fishing
    • New lvl 1 Fish, Micro Jawfish, added. Can be caught with Corn or Pellets. Yields a higher profit, but is slightly more difficult to catch.
    • Changed the Guppy to grant about double the experience, but is also slightly easier to catch (to diversify a little from the new Micro Jawfish). Can now only be caught with Pellets.
    • Changed some of the lore and corrected typos.
  • Perks activated using /tcperks now last for 5 minutes instead of 1
  • Glowstone Dust can be used to check the light level of a block by right-clicking
  • Custom Drops
    • Zombie Pigmen have a chance of dropping Cooked Pork
    • Zombie Villagers have a chance of dropping Emeralds
    • Silverfish have a chance of dropping Clay Balls
    • Bookshelves drop Bookshelves
    • Leaves have a chance of dropping Sticks
    • Red Sand has a chance of dropping Iron Nuggets
  • "Tame" hostile mobs by putting them on a Lead
    • "Tamed" hostile mobs will not attack you
    • Other hostile mobs of the same type will run away
  • Cauldron Recipes
    • Craft Vines
    • Convert Logs of a certain tree type to a different tree type
  • Weather Changer
    • Craft using Magma Cream, Water Bottle, and Clock
    • Right-click the sky while raining or thundering to set the weather to clear
    • One-time use item
  • Shift Mechanics
    • Hold shift and right-click an Emerald Block to deposit your experience into Experience Bottles
    • Hold shift and right-click a Bookshelf to read a line of text
    • Crouch in low-light areas near hostile mobs for a chance to avoid being seen
  • Activate Jukeboxes with Redstone
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Posted : November 14, 2018 3:04 pm
Young Tree Admin

11/15/2018 - More stuff you already know from 1.12.2

Website -

  • Changed all statements about "Alpha" to reference "Beta"
  • Removed the whitelist application
  • Updated the Resource Pack files for download
  • Removed links to Dynmap
  • Did some work to help speed the site up a little bit

TC Main -

  • Added a link to the latest update log (this thread) when a player logs in
  • When you log in, you'll be automatically placed in AFK so that you can't take damage or die while waiting on the Texture Pack to download (you can also just download the pack to avoid the delay)
  • Sending messages in chat will no longer take you out of AFK
  • Chat should no longer sync between servers 
  • Updated a bunch of colors throughout the server to the TC greens and blues
  • Removed softer material versions of Chisels and Hammers (can't use wood, clay, coal, etc... to craft these tools)
  • Removed Sickles since they aren't compatible with the Farming mechanics
  • Updated the Tablist with more useful info
  • /textures will send the link to download our texture pack


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Posted : November 15, 2018 8:14 pm
Young Tree Admin

11/17/2018 - Hubbah Hubbah

TC Challenge Plugin -

  • Pylon Favorites List! While looking at the Pylon list GUI, press Q while hovering over a Pylon to add it to your Favorites
  • Can once again add unique abilities and skills to specific tree types, allowing you to get certain benefits based on the Sapling you choose to plant

TC Main -

  • Server should no longer kick you if you refuse to download the texture pack
  • Permissions completely reconfigured from the ground up. Shouldn't have anymore issues
  • Players will now show their tree type as their Chat prefix
  • Players can now purchase Cosmetic Treasure Chests with /tcperks (but not redeem them or activate any cosmetics outside of the Hub)

TC Hub -

  • Thanks for all the help on this stuff today, Redstone!
  • Server should no longer kick you if you refuse to download the texture pack
  • Fixed Cosmetics not saving to Player profiles- Will be giving everyone some Xykens to use tonight
  • Planned out where the Parkour is gonna go
  • Removed some Cosmetics that we don't want right now
  • Added a new room near the Tutorial Portal where you can select your Treefix (chat Prefix) for the Hub server and choose to rep your favorite tree type (screenshot below)
  • Launchpads scattered throughout the Hub for funsies
  • Tutorial Portal now works! New players can go through the Tutorial World before getting access to the other Servers
    • There are still some things broken in the Tutorial World, but I'll be fixing those asap

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Posted : November 17, 2018 9:04 am
Young Tree Admin

11/18/2018 - Your Choice Matters

TC Main -

This is the start of a fairly major feature-set within the Main Challenge server (and future TCMMO). Each different Tree type that players select when planting their Saplings will have different abilities, boosts, and nerfs applied to them. Today's update is a very early start to what those characteristics look like and will evolve and balance over time.

Oak Trees are healthy, self-sustaining, and offer as much back to the world as they take

  • 0.1% chance to find Carrots, Potatos, Beetroots, or Mushrooms when breaking Grass (not Grass Blocks)
  • Use /speed to walk/run at 1.2 times the speed of all other players - use /slow to go back to normal speed
  • Right-Click + Shift while wearing an Elytra to get launched into the sky

Birch Trees are as light as their bark as they swiftly spread their roots around the world.

  • Use /recharge to unlock flight charges (1 Exp = 1 Charge). You can now fly (double-tap space bar) for the distance/duration of remaining charges, where 1 block distance = 1 Charge (note that you can take Wither Effect and Fall Damage)
  • Use Super Boost with Elytra. Hold a Feather while flying and Shift + Right-Click the Feather to use 3 XP to get a stronger boost of speed. Remember: Players using Elytra do not take Wither Effect.
  • Only take 50% of the standard amount of Elytra crashing damage
  • Can craft and use the Ender Bow

Spruce Trees are like elite craftsman, able to use their tools in a more efficient way

  • Open a portable workbench with /wb anywhere in the world
  • Repair items in an Anvil beyond the 39 Level limit 
  • Can craft and use the Spruce Wooden Double Axe

Jungle Trees have strong branches and limbs that allow them to get out of dangerous situations while playing with the birds

  • Use /jb to get a 20 second jump boost
  • Only take 30% of the standard amount of fall damage
  • 0.01% chance of finding a Parrot Spawn Egg when breaking Jungle Leaves

Dark Oak are strong and sturdy, able to use tools and armor that other tree types are too weak to

  • Can craft and use Obsidian Armor and Tools
  • Can craft and use Stone Hammers
  • Only take 50% of the standard amount of starvation damage

Acacia Trees take on the spirit of the Savanna with swift movement and understanding of the land

  • Use /speed to walk/run at 1.7 times the speed of all other players - use /slow to go back to normal speed
  • Use /back to go back to the previous location teleported from. Can even be used to get back to where the player died.
  • Right-Click a Shulker Box to use it like a backpack from within the inventory
  • Craft and use a Slime Bucket to find Slime Chunks

Other updates to TC Main outside of the Tree Species characteristics:

  • Reduced the Stick drop-rate a little more
  • Players must now hold a Feather while wearing Elytra to use the Boost feature (this did not require a Feather before). While flying, Right-Click the Feather to use 1 XP and get a small boost of speed. Remember: Players using Elytra do not take Wither Effect.
  • Removed Shulker "backpacks" from all but Acacia players
  • Removed Obsidian Armor and Tools from all but Dark Oak players
  • Can no longer use a Parrot Spawn Egg on Mob Spawners

TC Hub -

Redstone seemed to have some fun adding nicer looking launch pads and a bunch of hidden rooms/goodies all over the Hub. Have fun finding them all!

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Posted : November 18, 2018 1:09 pm
Young Tree Admin

11/21/2018 - I'll Nether Not Be Mining

TC Main -

  • The Nether is now enabled
  • Nether Portals are paired at a 1 to 1 ratio with the Overworld, meaning the Nether can not be used for fast travel purposes. A future fast travel world will be unveiled in due time.
  • Redstone Armor removed (may be added back later if a bug is fixed)
  • Added player's current money balance to the Tablist
  • New Shift + 9 will open the /wb for Spruce players
  • Fixed a variety of typos and minor bugs
  • Mining has been given some love like Fishing and Farming - Use /mining to learn more (will make a video all about this in the future)
    • While mining ores, you'll have a chance of finding Flux, Gemstones, Rune Dust, and Zeta. Different Ores offer different types of each new item, and different drop rates.
    • Flux and Gemstones can be sold in /mining for a decent profit. In the future, Gemstones will get additional uses.
    • Think of Zeta like mining experience, except it can be used to purchase passive abilities and other mining upgrades.
    • Rune Dust is used to summon new mobs, the Rune Guardians. Right-click Diamond Ore (consuming both the Diamond Ore and Rune Dust) to summon a Rune Guardian, which when killed has a chance of dropping a Rune.
    • Types of Rune Guardians include:
      • Fairy Guardian
      • Ground Guardian
      • Water Guardian
      • Fire Guardian
      • Nature Guardian
      • Lightning Guardian
      • Ghost Guardian
    • Runes are used for passive ability upgrades in /mining
    • Passive Abilities which can be unlocked with Runes include:
      • Patience. (Increases the chance to get Gemstones while mining.)
      • Flux Mining. (Higher chance to get Fluxes while mining.)
      • Quarry. (Chance to give haste when mining ores.)
      • Saturate. (Chance to restore hunger when mining ores.)
      • Examiner. (Higher chance for Gemstones to be of a higher quality.)
      • Intellect. (Chance to get more EXP from breaking ores / normal blocks.)
      • Smelter. (Chance to auto-smelt ores and certain blocks.)
      • Runeist. (Higher chance for Rune Guardians to drop Runes.)
    • This new mining mechanic may need some tweaking in the future to balance it properly against other money-making methods. I've already done a bit, but I'll look forward to hearing your feedback.

TC Hub -

  • RedstoneBattery has added in 3 hidden area for players to find.
  • Fixed the Tablist
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Posted : November 21, 2018 8:49 am
Young Tree Admin

11/22/2018 - Use Your Head For Better Crafting

TC Main -

  • Crafting recipes added that reflect those from the 1.12.2 server
    • Wood Planks of different wood types now craft 4 buttons instead of 1
    • Stone will make 4 Stone Buttons instead of 1
    • 4 Carrots will make a Carrot Head
    • 4 Wheat will make a small Wheat Bale Head
    • 4 Stripped Spruce Logs + 2 Spruce Planks will make an Acorn Head
    • 4 Watermelon Slices will make a Melon Head
    • 4 Cooked Kelp will make a small Kelp Block Head
    • Red Sand can be used for making Concrete Powder
    • Red Sand can be smelted to make Glass
  • Customized /heads to buy various skulls for building - Prices updated to match current economy balancing
  • Reduced some of the rates of getting Fluxes and Gemstones 
  • Added "$" symbol where it's missing in the /mining GUI
  • Fishing experience reset (still waiting on a fix from the dev for this)

TC Hub -

  • Fixed the /spawn command allowing new players to have Fly while in the lobby
Posted : November 22, 2018 8:36 am
Young Tree Admin

11/22/2018 B - The Phantom Menace

TC Main -

Forgot to mention these in the previous post. Also created a forum topic for listing all the indvidual tree type characteristics and abilities

  • Updated Jungle Tree Characteristics
    • Phantoms no longer spawn for Jungle Tree Players. Other Players near Jungle Players may still attract their own Phantoms.
  • Updated Spruce Tree Characteristics
    • Can run /catnap to instantly reset Exhaustion level to prevent Phantoms from spawning for them.
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Posted : November 22, 2018 11:18 am
Young Tree Admin

11/23/2018 - White Friday

TC Main -

  • World Difficulty set to Normal from Easy
  • Use /servers to get to the Lobby or Oz easily
  • Ground is automatically cleared of discarded items every 20 minutes
  • Disabled Paper's suffocation on teleportation check to prep for the new Portal plugin
  • Fixed the Balance shown in Tablist so it's only 2 decimals
  • Added Player Deaths and Total Time Played to the Tablist
  • Disabled Fishing Rod Enchantments, Lure and Luck of the Sea
  • /fishing experience reset (still waiting on that bug fix....)
  • Custom portals to the Fast Travel World now work. Just need to generate the world.
  • Updated Spruce Tree Characteristics
    • Use /condense to turn all ingots and ores in the inventory into blocks

TC Hub -

  • Decorated for the Holidays!
  • Arrows set to despawn much faster
  • Doors in the tutorial world re-opened for now (buttons don't work yet)
  • Use /servers to get to the Main or Oz servers easily

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Posted : November 23, 2018 5:39 am
Young Tree Admin

11/24/2018 - Just A Little Bit

TC Main -

  • Nether was reset to use the new Nether generation
  • Fishing experience now saves on server restarts
  • Ground clear was turned off. We don't really need it right now.
Posted : November 25, 2018 7:17 am
Young Tree Admin

11/25/2018 - You can't miss it.

TC Main -

  • Changelog will now appear to players when they log into the server. You can also get to this with /updates
  • New /help menu can be accessed with that command or by pressing Shift + F
  • Use /prefix to set your chat Prefix
  • Created Staff role with moderator perms and added Mod Prefix
  • Fixed /yt and created Rising Star, YouTuber, and TCTuber groups/prefixes
  • Become a TCTuber by uploading 5 videos to YouTube with the phrase "TreeCrafters Challenge" in the Title
  • Added Build Squad Prefix
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Posted : November 25, 2018 10:47 am
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11/26/2018 - Here Piggy Piggy....

TC Main -

  • Pigs have a chance of dropping Pender Pearls. Right-click while holding a Pender Pearl to attract an Enderman nearby WHICH WILL IMMEDIATELY ATTACK YOU.
    • Pigs are not actually from our world. They are trans-dimensional beings that will often visit the Overworld. Ender Pearls are a delicious treat for Pigs, so sometimes when you kill a Pig you may find an old Pender Pearl left behind (<1% chance). The Endermen want their Pearls back, though, and when you use one of these items they may be attracted to kill you and take back what the Pigs so rudely stole. 
  • Combine Bone Meal with any crop (Wheat, Carrot, Potato, Beetroot, or Nether Wart) to create a decorative crop item. Right-click Farmland (or Soul Sand) to plant a crop that will not decay

  • More Recipes added/updated
    • Four Leaves + Four Flowers = Flower Bush Head (see screenshots below)
    • Four Stripped Spruce Logs + 2 Spruce Planks = Fir Cone Head
    • Four Stripped Oak Logs + 2 Oak Planks = Acorn Head
    • Four Apples = Apple Head
    • Four Cocoa Beans = Cocoa Bean Head

  • Vanilla Stone Tools (not including Stone Hammer) can now also be crafted with Stone, Diorite, Granite, and Andesite
  • Optimized hit boxes and ray tracing (technical stuff that makes life smoother)
  • Right-click a Diamond Ore with Rune Dust to see options for spawning Rune Guardians. You can now select to summon a random Rune Guardian for 1 Rune Dust, or a specific Rune Guardian for 4 Rune Dust.

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Posted : November 25, 2018 11:28 pm
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Young Tree Admin

11/29/2018 - Rocket Fish

TC Hub -

  • Fixed various minor bugs and console errors
  • Flatworld and Voidworld from 1.12.2 server imported for the Build Squad to get back to work on

TC Main -

  • Various plugin updates for 1.13.2 compatibility
  • Removed Shift + 9 shortcut for Spruce to use /wb since it cause issues for other players scrolling to the 9th position in their hotbar (the text command still works)
  • Added Magma Blocks to generate in the Nether underground
  • /fish changes (adding diversity and life to the early-game grind):
    • Moved Crayfish to Level 1 and added the ability to be caught with all bait types
    • Added Small Perch to Level 1 with ability to be caught by Crayfish, Corn, and Red Worms and a low Experience/Money payout
    • Changed Perch to Large Perch at Level 2 and increased the Experience/Money payout as well as the difficulty of catching
    • Increased the Experience/Money payout for Bitterling, Pike, Eel, Angelfish, Loach, Surgeonfish, Takigufu, Siamese, Goldfish, Smelts, Catfish, Sturgeon, Carp, Cobia, Permit, Tench, Trout, Pollock, Angler, and Rays
    • Added Crayfish as favored bait for Eels, increased the Eel power, changed the Eel to non-cookable Tropical Fish type, and added Ocean and Beaches to preferred biomes list
    • Made the Loach exclusive to River biomes
    • Increased power of Surgeonfish and added Redworm to the list of baits that can be used
    • Changed the Takigufu display name to "Takigufu" and added Redworm to the list of baits that can be used
    • Reduced Goldfish level to 12 from 22
    • Reduced Smelt level to 22 from 25, made it exclusively found in Oceans, Deep Oceans, Frozen Oceans, Plains, and Frozen Rivers
    • Reduced Atlantic Salmon level to 22 from 25 and removed the permission to catch it
    • Reduced Catfish level to 25 from 28, added Crayfish as possible bait, and added Rivers to preferred biomes list
    • Increased power of Sturgeon, removed permission to catch it, and added Ocean and Beaches to preferred biomes list
    • Reduced Cobia level to 37 from 38 and added Smelt as possible bait
    • Reduced Permit level to 40 from 42 
    • Reduced Tench level to 43 from 45 and increased power
    • Reduced Trout level to 45 from 48, added Crayfish as possible bait, added Trout as a bait type, and increased power
    • Increased Pollock length and added Smelt and Trout as possible bait
    • Added Trout as possible bait for Angler
    • Added Trout as possible bait for Rays
  • Access to /fireworks to buy unique fireworks


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