Alpha Update Log  

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Young Tree Admin


  • Crafting Recipes thread created by Mailleweaver for easy reference (thanks, sir!)
  • Forums: Switched the layout to fix the problem with a squished forum for some users
  • Updated Lumberjack's Friend to Cant Hook and changed the crafting recipe
    • Sneak + Left Click does not currently work

  • Added LWC Unofficial for players to lock chests.
  • Changed the Wood Router item
    • Now crafted with Shears instead of a Stick in the center
    • New Item display (based on Shears)
  • Bugs Reported:
    • LWC Unofficial locked chests break TransportPipes
    • CraftBook commands cannot execute Hydra custom commands
    • GriefPrevention claim areas disappearing
  • Plugins Updated
    • TransportPipes
    • SignBoards
    • HeadDatabase
    • NoRainReloaded
    • React
    • Hydra
    • UltraPermissions
    • Wormholes
Posted : February 5, 2018 6:32 am
Young Tree Admin


Lots has been done since the last update, but it's mostly tiny things, fixes, and stuff I've rolled back so I didn't bother to add it all here.

  • Auctioneer NPCs added to the Market
    • Right-click to access the Auction GUI
    • Start an Auction to make one-off sales without needing to open a shop in the Market
    • Bid on items and receive an alert when you are outbid or win the prize!
  • Create a Chest Shop with a nice display for other players to buy and sell items from you
    • To set up a shop, first hold the item you want to buy/sell in your hand, then type the command /shop create <quantity> <buyprice> <sellprice>
    • Right-click on a Chest Shop to buy the item
    • Left-click on a Chest Shop to sell the item
  • Find presents around the Market. Find them all and you may get something special.
  • Custom crafting recipes underneath the market spawn platform on display
    • Enter through the Spruce Taiga mini-biome in the Market
  • Use /<feeling-tag> <playername> to react to a player
    • Active tags are: hug, slap, poke, highfive, yell, shake, bite, stab, snuggle, kiss, punch, lick, murder, cry, scorn, boi, and dab.
  • New Cauldron recipe for creating Vines (may remove)
    • Drop 5 Leaves and 5 String into a Cauldron that has a fire going under it
    • Right-click the Cauldron and Vines will be created
  • Use the command /r to reply to a private message from a player.
  • New GUI added for toggling your aura
    • Access with the /ragui command
    • I'll be changing this command so that it accesses all possible Particle Effects later, but for now this will do

Also released three free plugins to Spigot Resources, all of which have been put into use on the server.

Posted : February 20, 2018 10:52 am
Young Tree Admin


  • NEW: Furniture can now be placed around your builds
    • Can be purchased in a future Admin shop in the Market
    • Some items will be able to be crafted with custom recipes
    • Check out the Auction House at the Market to see some examples of different types of furniture
    • Browse this website for more furniture design ideas that you might like to see added
  • Cleaned up some Multiverse settings and worlds
  • Hollow roots now have vanilla textures by default to reduce the player's freeze when they first join
    • Use /roots to access the settings and change to the custom textures
  • Removed: Discord to Minecraft ban syncing (was causing some TPS drop)
  • Removed: Dynmap chat
  • Adjusted the GriefPrevention and NoCheatPlus command and chat spam settings to be a little less sensitive
  • Bugs Reported:
    • CMI server save error
    • BeastToken error with TokenEnchant (something we don't even use)
  • Updated Plugins:
    • Hydra
    • UltraPermissions
    • React
    • mcMMOAction
    • CMI
    • RankAura
Posted : February 24, 2018 1:02 pm
Young Tree Admin


  • Fixed our IP address and hostname conflict, so connecting to the server should be a little smoother
  • Went through most server plugins and cleaned up unused features and fixed a few minor conflicts
  • Resolved a memory leak issue
  • Removed React (until they resolve some issues with their next major version)
  • Installed CPCameraStudioReborn for Ghast_Rrider to play with
  • Forum design tweaking
    • I got a private messaging add-on, but I need to restructure it a lot to make it work for us. Nearly done.
  • Website framework adjustments
  • Synced our website with in-game Minecraft accounts
    • Added a Donation page with in-game perks that automatically unlock for donators
    • Can now look into syncing up website account information with in-game profiles
  • Reported a bug with BlockQuest commands not running properly
Posted : February 27, 2018 3:37 am
Young Tree Admin


  • NEW: Use the new /build command to access the Build world and tools
    • To get access to this command, click the respective sign in the Market

  • NEW: Bank in the Market allows you to convert Ores into Money and vice-versa
    • /bal to see your balance
    • /money give <playername> to pay someone

  • NEW: Market anvils will now allow you to repair any item and keep enchantments and other data
    • Pay with Experience or Money to repair the item

  • NEW: Growth Kit has been added
    • /kit opens the Kit GUI - more kits may be added in the future
    • /kit Growth grants the player 6 bonemeal every 6 hours
  • NEW: Sponsor Role added and (bug fix) granted automatically through website's donation page
    • Thanks for TreePuncher53 and NachoMans for their donations!
Posted : April 9, 2018 6:37 am
Young Tree Admin

4/13/2018 - Recipes, Residences, and "Rescue Me!" (please)

With all of the recent problems, I needed to seriously take a look at what plugins were critical to be running, which ones were conflicting, and which ones were unnecessary for our needs. I have made a number of adjustments to the server with the hopes that this resolves a lot of problems, including the lag and the slow server restart times.

I'm going to start with the boring technical stuff and then get to the feature updates down below.

  • REMOVED Plugins:
    • GriefPrevention - was sending errors constantly on startup and causing the server to crash - replaced with Residences
    • JDynmapGriefPrevention - Was not properly loading on server start and causing Dynmap to run slow
    • React - I need more time to configure this properly
    • Wormholes - Was slowing down the startup time and also bugging out a bit during use in the world
    • Holographic Displays - Replaced with CMI
    • Touchscreen Holograms - Only worked with Holographic Displays
    • More Drops - Replaced with CraftBook Head Drops mechanic
    • Multiverse Inventories - should have been removed months ago when we switched to MultiInvPlus
    • Multiverse-Portals - Replaced with CMI
    • Cartographer - Was causing TPS drops
  • REMOVED Worlds:
    • Test Hub
    • TreeCrafters (and associated Nether / End)
    • Freelanders (and associated Nether / End)
    • Builders (not the same as Build)
  • NEW: Better backup system. Automatically backs up to a second, external server so if anything happens to our main server, we have a separate backup file to get to.
  • NEW: Residences replaces GriefPrevention
    • I'll write a blog post exploring this soon. Below is a video you can learn about the features with.
    • Residences uses your Money instead of "claim blocks" to create and claim regions.


  • NEW: /kit claim
    • Available every 24 hours. 
    • Gives tools for protecting a region (using Residences plugin)
    • This kit has also been added to the /kit GUI
  • NEW: /trade command allows you to initiate trades of items, experience, money, residences, and mcmmo levels with other players
    • Can only be initiated while in the Market
    • You must be within 20 blocks of the player you are trading with


      • /trade Shows all possible commands and information
      • /trade [playername] [-s] - Sends trade offer
      • /trade accept - Accept to currently pending trade request
      • /trade deny - Refuses trade request
      • /trade block [playername] - Blocks trade requests from player (per user)
  • NEW: Reward quizzes. Every few minutes a question will appear in chat, reply with an answer to receive a small prize.
    • Daily Top and Weekly Top players with the most correct answers get an additional bonus
  • NEW: Custom Block Drops
    • Leaves have a chance of dropping Sticks
    • Netherrack has a chance of dropping Gold Nuggets, Ingots, and Swords
      • Picking up a Gold item in the Nether will aggro nearby Zombie Pigmen onto you
    • Bookshelves drop Bookshelves (not just books)
      • Craft 1 Bookshelf to return 3 books
    • Red Sand has a chance of dropping Iron Nuggets
  • NEW: Crafting Recipes
    • Craft "Dead Wood Planks" with four Sticks
      • Dead Wood Planks can be crafted into Dead Wood varieties of different wood-based items.

    • Red Sand recipe changes (for you Mesa players)
      • Smelting Red Sand yields Glass
      • You can now use Red Sand to create the various Concrete Powders
    • 9 Ice blocks now craft together to form Packed Ice (doesn't naturally generate)
    • You now get 2 Stone Buttons when crafting them instead of just 1 (we use them quite differently than normal survival - protecting roots)
      • Wood Buttons still yield 1 - I'll try to fix the issue with those in the future
  • FIX: Lapis Lazuli now properly added as a treasure for Fishing
Posted : April 13, 2018 7:27 am
Young Tree Admin

4/13/2018 - More and More and More and....

  • Custom Mob Drops
    • Zombie Pigmen have a chance of dropping Cooked Pork (to balance that they'll be attacking you more often in the Nether)
    • Silverfish have a chance of dropping Clay Balls (a reason to keep those spawners around)
    • Zombie Villagers have a very small chance of dropping an Emerald 
  • Replaced WorldGuard Regions with Residences
Posted : April 14, 2018 6:35 am
Young Tree Admin

4/16/2018 - Optimizations

  • Reduced mob head drops to 1% plus 1% per Looting enchantment level
  • NoCheatPlus now has a custom configuration that will hopefully reduce the number of false positives
  • Added a better daily player inventory saving system.
  • These plugins have been migrated to MySQL
    • CMI
    • mcMMO
    • Dynmap
    • Residences
  • EasyBackup has been fully configured for daily backups. 
    • Backups are of all server files, worlds, player data, and MySQL data
    • All backups are uploaded to an off-site server for redundancy
  • Residences has had BlockBreak event listener disabled until a bug fix is given by the developer
  • WorldGuard has been re-enabled to protect the Market
  • WorldBorder and Dynmap are running together to generate and render the world out to 20,000 blocks (will boost to 40,000 in the near future)
  • Removed Plugins:
    • CMIEInjector (no longer needed)
    • ChatFeelings (wasn't being used)
    • Public Crafting Tables (will re-install later when a bug is fixed)
Posted : April 16, 2018 6:52 am
Young Tree Admin

4/17/2018 - Arrows and Blocks

  • NEW: /blocks command will turn items like Iron and Gold Ingots, Redstone Dust, and more into stacked blocks.

  • NEW: Craftable Arrows with special effects now available (detailed blog post describing these will come in the future)
    • Blinding Arrow - Blind your target
    • Blood Arrow - Heals for an configurable amount when hitting an enemy
    • Confusion Arrow - Confuse your target
    • Cooling Arrow - Turns lava into obsidian for a short while
    • Crippling Arrow - Slows down your target
    • Fire Arrow - Sets target on fire, sets blocks on fire
    • Forcefield Arrow - Pushes entities away from the arrow
    • Homing Arrow - Tracks your target
    • Ice Arrow - Turns water to ice
    • Lightning Arrow - Strike down a lightning where ever the arrow hits
    • Medic Arrow - Heals hit player
    • Multishot - Fires arrows in quick succession
    • Net Arrow - Places webs around a location or player (Setting to auto-cleanup)
    • Piercing Arrow - Does bonus damage on armored targets
    • Poison Arrow - Apply poison to your target
    • Pull Arrow - Pulls enemy hit towards you
    • Push Arrow - Pushes stuff away from you
    • Razor Arrow - Does bonus damage to unarmored targets
    • Shuffle Arrow - Change position with the player/monster hit
    • Sniper Arrow - Fires a fast arrow with no gravity drop
    • Sound Arrow - Plays scary & loud sounds to whoever it hits
    • Teleport Arrows - Teleports you to where ever the arrow hits
    • Torch Arrow - Places a torch where you shoot the arrow at
    • Volley Arrow - Blasts multiple arrows out at once
    • Vortex Arrow - Sucks enemies in the direction of the arrow
    • Water Arrow - Places a water source block (Setting to auto-cleanup)
    • Weakness Arrow - Apply weakness to your target
  • Forgot to mention the new Statistics page that was added the other day -
Posted : April 17, 2018 8:34 pm
Young Tree Admin

5/2/2018 - Preparations 

See the new TreeCrafters Challenge Plugin Dev Log, here.

Spent a lot of time this week just making tweaks to things and trying to find the source of the memory leak and lag. With the TreeCrafters plugin right around the corner and headed to the live server soon, I have also been getting a few more pieces prepped for that to arrive.

  • Updated Spigot to the latest build
    • This fixed a number of issues, including potentially the memory leak we were experiencing
  • Connected several more plugins to MySQL
    • Chest Shops
    • AuctionHouse
    • TryMe
  • Changed colors throughout the tablist, chat, GUI's, and some scoreboards to match the green branded color of the server
    • Still a lot to do with this to make all messages fall in line with this consistently
  • Activated Parrot Announcer messages
  • Started re-creating the holograms around the Market again that were removed when Holographic Displays was uninstalled
  • Updated the Quiz questions - Thanks Mailleweaver!
  • Updated plugins:
    • UltraPermissions
    • Hydra
    • CMI
    • Statz
    • EasyBackup
    • React
    • Head Database
    • Plugin Library
    • Parrot Announcer
Posted : May 3, 2018 6:15 am
Young Tree Admin

5/4/2018 - Back then Forth

This might seem like a small update, but that's because I was busy working on the plugin and doing arduous and tedious tasks on the server. Big things still to come, though!

  • Some changes and additions to the Spawn and Market to add some nice visual directions, welcome new players, and match the brand colors of the server.
  • Set back up the Ore Exchange in the bank.
  • New /prewards command allows you to unlock rewards after you've played a certain amount of time.
  • Fixed issues with some custom crafting recipes
  • Errors with EasyBackup cleaned up and resolved - one left that still needs to be fixed if the developer can get to it
  • New Tools and Armors with vanilla-styled recipes give you new effects. Blog post incoming to explain those in detail soon.
  • Lots of tedious tweaking of the colors of chat messages to bring them in line with the server branding. More to come.
  • Various permissions and minor bug fixes.
Posted : May 5, 2018 4:52 am
Young Tree Admin

5/10/2018 - Tiny Dancer

Small improvements tonight.

  • Changed the message a player sees when they log in
  • Disabled the Kit that new players receive when they join
  • Reduced the timings for various Spigot and Plugin Listeners, such as how often the Tablist updates, to optimize server efficiency slightly
  • Replaced the Blocks plugin with a custom /blocks command (converts items into their storage block types | 9 redstone = 1 redstone block)
  • Disabled DiscordSRV role syncing (for real this time)
  • Increased the length of time between Quiz questions
  • Enabled Shift + Right-click to open a Shulker Box from within your inventory
  • Various other minor optimizations to plugin settings (particularly CMI and removing various particle effects that don't serve really any purpose)
  • Updated a few plugins:
    • CustomEnchants
    • CMI
    • React
    • Parrot Announcer
    • PlaceholderAPI
    • Arconix
    • RepairPlus
    • RetrieveOP
    • UltraPermissions
Posted : May 11, 2018 3:34 am
Young Tree Admin

5/11/2018 - Parroting Around

  • Added scheduled announcements (using my updated Parrot Announcer plugin)
  • /settings command will allow you to toggle various profile settings. More to be added in the future.
    • You can also get to this menu from /help
  • Fixed problem where players joining did not alert anyone else in game
  • Various changes around Spawn (getting it finalized slowly but surely)
    • Several new banners and holograms have been added to the Spawn area to help new players

I also tested some new functionality relating to spawners which I hope to roll out in the next batch of updates.

Posted : May 12, 2018 3:23 am
Young Tree Admin

5/12/2018 - Prepare Yourselves!

The TreeCrafters Challenge plugin is coming to the live server in the next few days!

It's time to prepare yourselves. Three things you should do as soon as possible:

  • Pylon crafting recipe has been officially added to the game. Craft your Pylons and put them aside in a chest - don't place them until after the plugin is officially installed, though 
  • I have all inventories saved and can reload your individual inventory if needed, AND the plugin is set to restore your most recently stored inventory the moment you plant your sapling. However, just to be on the safe side, every time you log out you should put your inventory into a chest so you don't lose any valuable goodies.
  • Finally: Your new heart log, which you will place with a sapling when you log in after the plugin is installed, requires dirt and space to grow a tree. At this time you need to break your heart log, place dirt below where you want your heart log to sit, and then clear plenty of space above your heart log where your new tree will grow (you'll be able to cut it down after). Yes, this does mean if you have a jungle tree that you'll need to clear a very large 4x4 area going up fairly high in order to create enough space for your tree to grow. 

Once you do all of that, let me know. After a majority of players are prepared, I'll install the plugin to the server. 🙂

For more information:


Posted : May 13, 2018 4:02 am
Young Tree Admin

5/24/2018 - Oh, The Items We Will Use

  • Check out the TreeCrafters Challenge Dev Log for some news about the new Wither Effect and grief protection features of our custom plugin.
  • Various custom item changes:
    • Adjusted the custom Arrows
      • Skeletons have a much lower chance of dropping any custom Arrows
      • Removed Fire Arrow from the game
      • Removed Teleport Arrow from the game (use the Ender Bow instead for this)
    • Removed all Double Axes from the game that were missed before and updated the Resource Pack to remove these items as well (reducing the size of the pack)
    • Removed all Chisels except the Diamond Chisel from the game and Resource Pack
  • Removed conflict related to CMI's selector tool (was Wood Hoe, now Magma Cream)
  • Improved chunk generation resource usage
  • Removed previous name list display in chat when player logs in
  • Removed CustomEnchants Plugin
  • Update Spigot to the latest build
  • Updated Plugins
    • React
    • CMI
    • Hydra
    • UltraPermissions
    • BeastTokens
    • DiscordSRV
Posted : May 24, 2018 6:22 am
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