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  • Crafting Recipes thread created by Mailleweaver for easy reference (thanks, sir!)
  • Forums: Switched the layout to fix the problem with a squished forum for some users
  • Updated Lumberjack's Friend to Cant Hook and changed the crafting recipe
    • Sneak + Left Click does not currently work

  • Added LWC Unofficial for players to lock chests.
  • Changed the Wood Router item
    • Now crafted with Shears instead of a Stick in the center
    • New Item display (based on Shears)
  • Bugs Reported:
    • LWC Unofficial locked chests break TransportPipes
    • CraftBook commands cannot execute Hydra custom commands
    • GriefPrevention claim areas disappearing
  • Plugins Updated
    • TransportPipes
    • SignBoards
    • HeadDatabase
    • NoRainReloaded
    • React
    • Hydra
    • UltraPermissions
    • Wormholes
Edited: 2 weeks  ago
Posted : 05/02/2018 11:32 am
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