Alpha Update Log  

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Young Tree Admin

This is an ongoing changelog to show how the TreeCrafter Challenge server, website, and other assets are evolving over time.

During this alpha phase, please be aware of two things:

  1. There will be bugs, there will be crashes, there will be things that are changing at a rapid pace. I will do everything that I can to prevent data loss, but if it does happen I will likewise do everything to restore the data that was lost (be it in game items, experience, enchantments, etc...).
  2. We really need feedback on everything and from everyone. If you run into a problem or a bug, or just have a general idea for how to make the server better, please post about it in the appropriate forum.


Thanks guys! 

Posted : November 27, 2017 11:48 pm
Young Tree Admin

Saving for later use.

Posted : November 27, 2017 11:54 pm
Young Tree Admin


  • You can now embed images in the forums! Just paste the URL to the image file and let the forums do the rest.
  • Forum ranks added - get more pretty icons by posting!
  • Fixed some permissions and removed some plugins that were redundant on the server.
  • A little bit nicer chat. Still need to work on this.
  • mcMMO edited to make leveling on woodcutting a little slower, plus reduce the effects related to axes
  • Started work on the tutorial area which will teach players about the various game modes and features
  • Hung out with Apiary, the first of the veterans to rejoin and claim a tree!
Posted : November 29, 2017 3:13 am
Young Tree Admin

Forgot to update this for a few days, so I'm catching up now:


  • Lava now spreads fire. Be careful!
  • Installed EpicWorldGenerator and EpicNetherGenerator to give us a unique looking world.
  • Installed Wormholes for advanced Portal placement with some neat features.
  • Uninstalled zPermissions and switched to LuckPerms for better permissions management.
  • Set up MySQL database and switched a number of plugins from flatfile to MySQL to increase server speed.
  • Turned back on Dynmap.
  • Installed Help Tickets manager for players to report problems or make suggestions.
  • Added CalendarEvents for global announcements relating to the server (like daily automatic restarts)
Posted : December 4, 2017 6:39 pm
Young Tree Admin

12/5/2017 - 12/6/2017

  • Upgraded to a new server which can eventually be easily transferred to a dedicated server.
    • Added 50 more slots
    • Added 3 GB of ram
    • Added DDOS protection
  • Modified EssentialsX to clean up chat and set up for permissions
    • Added EssentialsXChat plugin to add player tags and colors based on group joined
    • Removed player use of flint & steel to start fires and grief others
  • Started setup of LuckPerms to create new groups and permissions
    • Added Althing group
    • Added Veterans group
    • Added Default group
  • New players now get a bed when they start their tree to prevent respawning in the hub upon death
  • Modified mcmmo to fix various formulas for levelling
    • Double-drops max chance on all blocks reduced from 100% to 75%
    • Loss of experience upon gain increased from 0% to 35% (don't die!)
    • Removed all PVP abilities
    • Added Chimera Wing for one-time-use instant transport back to bed (can only be used outdoors)
    • Decreased woodcutting experience bonus for all trees and diversified experience bonus based on type of tree being cut
      • Acacia: 75 (drops fewer saplings)
      • Birch: 70
      • Dark_Oak: 75 (harder to grow)
      • Oak: 70
      • Jungle: 80 (drops fewer saplings)
      • Redwood: 70
      • Huge_Mushroom_1: 60
      • Huge_Mushroom_2: 60
  • Updated world generator to fit our needs better
    • Modified loot tables on chests in world generated structures
      • Decreased enchantment level on all enchanted items slightly
    • Added a new flat area to the world for a future marketplace (x 4500 / y 5500)
    • Changed how often certain biomes are generated
    • Added husk spawners to lava fortresses
    • Added witch dispenser to forest huts
    • Increased possibility of structures generated in tropical jungles
    • Increased the amount of diamond and coal found in volcanoes
  • Cleaned up the forum design and added some color
  • Added a new MOTD and Server Icon when connecting to the server


Posted : December 6, 2017 11:00 pm
Young Tree Admin


  • Added an automatic server restart at 3:15AM Central time every day. The server will warn all players 15 minutes, 5 minutes, and 1 minute before the restart occurs.
  • General MySQL structural work.
  • Turned off the mcmmo punishment for players that die. Will re-introduce in a hardcore mode of the challenge. 


Posted : December 8, 2017 7:12 am
Young Tree Admin


  • Spawn Market created (players can set up personal shops)
  • MySQL fixes


Unfortunately, there was a problem with mcmmo and all player data was wiped. I need to re-set everyone's levels manually when they're online. Get in touch with me when you're online next so I can get this fixed for you.

Posted : December 9, 2017 10:24 am
Infant Admin

Do you have records of what everyone's levels were so correction can be done accurately?

Posted : December 9, 2017 2:26 pm
Young Tree Admin
Posted by: Mailleweaver

Do you have records of what everyone's levels were so correction can be done accurately?

No, but I vaguely remember about where everyone's power levels were in the /mctop display. From there I think we can get pretty close, and I trust all of you to be honest with your estimates. 

I've tried to be pretty clear that with this being "alpha" version of the server, there will be hiccups like this. I appreciate you guys being patient and working with me. I know these stats being returned won't be completely accurate, but I'll do what I can to get them close.

Good News: I now have a daily backup properly running twice a day. If something like this happens again, I just restore the most recent backup. It wasn't working before like I thought it was.

Posted : December 9, 2017 6:27 pm
Young Tree Admin


New video series started to go along with these updates. See the first one here:

  • Fixed a number of warnings found in the logs.
  • AdminAnything
    • Added new command for quickly checking a user's group by clicking [G] in the chat.
  • EssentialsX
    • Removed the '~' from the front of nicknames
    • Added more characters to the nickname length limit (you're welcome, xkea)
    • Removed all player commands to use LuckPerms settings instead
    • Added world backups to run every hour
    • Added per-warp permissions
    • Players in AFK are now frozen to prevent griefing, pushing, and damage (use /afk to get out of thise frozen state)
    • Turned back on flint & steel for creating nether portals
  • GriefPrevention installed for player controlled protected zones (Thanks, Mailleweaver, for the great suggestion!)
    • Place a chest to get your first protected zone. Use a gold shovel (right-click two corners of a rectangular shaped zone) to create or modify existing zones.
    • Players gain additional blocks to create or expand protected zones at a rate of 75 blocks added per hour of play (AFK does not add to block count)
  • mcmmo
    • Stats design changed
    • Flux Pickaxe now works - smelt a pickaxe to have a 35% chance to instantly smelt any ore you mine (unlocked at level 200 smelting)
    • Players can create parties if they're growing trees near each other and share a small amount of experience when they are within 75 blocks of each other
    • Party Teleport has been disabled
    • Added a small sound when an mcmmo alert is sent to a player
Posted : December 9, 2017 10:26 pm
Young Tree Admin



  • New automated shop added to the Spawn Market - Buy your pair of Chimaera Wings on your next visit (thanks, xkea, for the help on this)!
    • Chimaera Wings only work when outside (and in survival mode) by right-clicking on any block while holding them in your hand. They are one time use only. You can buy them at the Spawn Market or crafting them with 5 feathers in a workbench in any combination.
  • Paths going out from the Spawn Market are under construction in all four cardinal directions.
  • Working through the long list of permissions to get the Groups set up properly.
  • New [Alpha] chat prefix created for new players during this phase of the server dev cycle.
Posted : December 11, 2017 5:19 am
Young Tree Admin



Have mostly been working on shops, structures, lore, and other minor in-game changes over the last week, hence the lack of updates here.

  • Switched to CMI from Essentials.
  • Updated Displays
    • New custom look when pressing the Tab key.
    • Mob health shown in boss bar with player damage info
  • Player stats now stored and can be referenced for future gameplay mechanics
  • Updated Chat
    • Click a player's name for quick access to private message
    • When mentioned, player will hear a notification sound and see their name highlighted
    • When a player dies, their coordinates are saved to the chat for easy reference
  • Server Restarts
    • Better server time management so I can actually trigger commands when I want them to be triggered
    • Nicer server restart messages with countdown
    • Maintenance mode is activated 2 minutes before restart to prevent players from logging in (with a nice message telling them why).
    • All player inventories are saved for quick reload if items are lost during restart
  • New Commands
    • Use "/point" to direct attention to a specific block for 5 seconds with particle effects
    • Use "/sit" to sit down!
    • Use "/cmi warp" for a nice warp GUI
    • Use "/tagtoggle" to turn off chat notification when you're mentioned
    • Use "/toggleshiftedit" to be able to edit existing sign text
    • Use "/stats" to see your personal statistics
  • New Interactions
    • Press the "shift" key while right-clicking a sign to edit existing text.
    • Totem will now be used even if the player doesn't have it in their hand (will activate from any inventory slot)
    • Small chance of placeable spawner being dropped when a creeper explodes and destroys an existing spawner
  • Fixed lighting glitches
  • Can now create crafting recipes for custom items with special effects triggered on use - THIS IS GONNA BE COOL
  • Community forums have been moved around a bit and a new Lore section has been added to start those discussions.
  • Admin Stuff:
    • More granular support for permissions added so that I can perfectly configure them the way that we want.
    • New head selector GUI for thousands of custom skull blocks to decorate the world with, including the ability to grab player head's instantly
    • Continued the process of getting all server data stored in MySQL from flat files



Posted : December 18, 2017 10:11 am
Young Tree Admin


This thread is going to be replaced with a new changelog blog series and new forum thread to separate the start of Alpha 0.1 of the plugin from the previous updates. 

New YouTube series coincides with that change:

  • Permissions, chat colors, and groups updated.
  • More MySQL changes
  • Lots of preparation for release of ProtoTree 0.1 Alpha
  • NEW: Automated repair shop in the Spawn Market for all armor types
  • NEW: Permission added "prototree.type.tree_type" for use later
  • A few minor mcmmo tweaks to the messages that are displayed
Posted : December 22, 2017 6:22 am
Young Tree Admin


  • New aura added to be given to Alpha and Veteran players (and opened for donators in the future).
  • FreeLander survival world created for normal survival gameplay
  • Various Dynmap changes:
    • Switched to MySQL from Flatfile
    • Login now required
    • Dynmap will remain open for Veterans, Alpha, and Northmet players for now. All future players will not have access.
  • React Client for server resource management and reporting installed
  • EpicWorldGenerator v8 Release 3 installed and set up in FreeLander and TheTreeCrafter
    • Increased Diamond Ore chance in Lava Plains, Lava Spikes, Volcano, Volcano Highlands, and Dead Lands biomes
    • Tried to generate a lot of the world manually... this is gonna be a continual work in progress
  • Installed MultiInvPro (to replace Multiverse-Inventories) with improved controls over per-world and per-gamemode inventories
  • Various minor mcMMO changes
  • Installed Hydra for customizing all text seen in game (still needs to be set up)
  • Updated:
    • CMI (bug reports sent to developers regarding stats, interactive commands, and a bug with /time)
    • HeadDatabase
  • Removed:
    • SimpleHolograms (was duplicating holograms on each server restart)
Posted : December 25, 2017 9:24 pm
Young Tree Admin


  • Pre-generated the world a few thousand blocks out from the spawn
    • Fixed a few areas with bad chunk generation
  • Uninstalled React temporarily until some bugs are fixed
  • Updated:
    • HeadDatabase
    • CMI (fixed a few bugs, still have the same listed in the last update post)
    • UltraPermissions
  • Deleted old dynmap flatfile folders and freed up a LOT of server space
  • Decreased diamond ore in newly generated Volcano Jungle biomes just a bit (these are much easier to get to than the other lava-based biomes, so they needed to be reduced)
  • Fixed a few back-end errors that were being thrown in the Console
  • Found the VPS that we'll be moving to in the coming weeks (seamlessly, don't worry about losing in-game progress or unnecessarily long server downtime)
  • Reported bugs:
    • EpicNetherGenerator is broken, unfortunately this means certain areas in the Nether will need to be re-generated after the fix is pushed out
    • Hydra prevents players in spectator mode from fast flight speed and traveling through blocks. Not a critical problem, but a problem nonetheless.
    • React greatly impacts server performance. Disabled it for now until the developers can figure out what's up.
Posted : December 29, 2017 12:04 am
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