Future Update Plans  

Young Tree Admin

This is an ongoing list of things that still need done. The green items will be completed before we move out of Alpha into Whitelisted Public Beta.

Expected date to move into Beta: January 30th

  • Customize all server messages with Hydra
  • Economy (still need to decide on using in-game items, or a custom virtual coin)
  • Separate server experience system for unlocking game modes and features, rank up, and unlock achievements
  • Build a wall around the initial TreeCrafters world blocking it from newly generated regions
  • Pre-generate the world out 10,000 blocks around the initial TreeCrafters world for new players to join
  • Build the training world for the TreeCrafter Challenge
  • Enhanced musical experience (done)
  • Finish the Hub World
  • Custom tools and items to enhance the TreeCrafter Challenge gameplay
  • Adventure-based gameplay features
    • Quests and custom achievements
    • NPC's that expand the lore
    • Explorable protected regions (markets, NPC villages, ancient ruins, etc...)
    • Private messages from the tree giving tasks for the player to complete
  • Donation system with perks
    • Access to VIP gamemodes
    • Cosmetic effects
    • Pets (?)
    • Chat prefixes and private rooms
  • Perks for inviting friends to join
  • Move to VPS (done)
  • TreeCrafter Challenge Plugin
    • New players are invincible, have flight, and cannot place or destroy blocks (done)
    • Plant a sapling and get a heart log (done)
    • GUI for seeing basic tree stats 
    • Tree sends private messages to the player
    • Wither effect on players that leave their roots
    • Mapping the root systems
    • Scaffolding blocks for creating temporary diagonal roots
    • Explorable regions allow players to roam freely without roots
    • Permission for players to go into spectator mode and see other player trees
    • Multiplayer parties for collaborating on trees
    • Automatically TP player to heart log on join, death, and Chimaera Wing activation (done)
      • Do not TP player when going through a Nether or End Portal (done)
  • Additional TreeCrafter Challenge spawn areas 10,000 blocks from each other
    • On first TP into the Challenge world, randomly select one of these to spawn the player, reducing crowding around certain regions
  • TC Masters build gamemode
  • "Bed Wars" style gamemode for protecting a heart log
  • Tree-themed parkour map
  • Creative world with automatic protected plots for each player to test builds


 These are things that need done that aren't in the game:

  • New logo, server banner, server icon, and other digital images
  • Streamlined application process on the website
  • Create a better landing page for the website (done)
  • Blog (done)
  • Sync user accounts on website with Minecraft accounts
  • Wiki
    • mcMMO
    • TreeCrafter Challenge Plugin details
    • Custom items
    • Explorable regions
    • Lore
  • Web-store (synced with in-game perks)


Posted : December 28, 2017 11:32 pm
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Posted : June 23, 2018 12:27 pm

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