A Grave Mistake  

Young Tree Admin

I have made a grave mistake.

I did not realize that the mysql server that I had setup was not properly charging my debit card. It expired tonight and all of the data was wiped clean. The data was being backed up onto that server and I hadn't downloaded it onto my PC in a long while because I assumed, with it being on a server separate from the minecraft server, that we wouldn't run into any issues. Plus, my previous PC's hard drive had crashed, so I lost the backups that I did have.

mcmmo, GriefPrevention, dynmap, and Chest Shops were all removed. If you have taken any screenshots recently while mcmmo was active then I can re-set your levels. If you don't have any screenshots, please send me your nearest estimates and I'll resolve it for you.

You need to ping me when you're getting online so I can get it all setup. I can't run the mcmmo commands while you're offline.

In good news - inventories, the world, and other important files are all fine. I keep backups of those constantly, and they're stored separate from the mysql server, so there is nothing lost there at all. And since we don't have a problem with griefers, GriefPrevention isn't that critical of a service to lose the data for. We can re-set that easily.

You have my sincerest of apologies. I have rectified the problem and my debit card is now properly setup to pay for the MySQL server. I also have backups going to a separate server so I can restore data if it's ever lost again.

Thank you for understanding.

Posted : April 10, 2018 5:36 am

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