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We’re glad to have you here. Check out our latest server announcements below:

Join The Build Squad!

Are you interested in being a member of the TreeCrafters build team? Well, now’s your chance! We are opening up the opportunity for a few select people to contribute to the server in a big way and put their names down in the history of TreeCrafters as a critical part of our growth…. read more.

Progress Behind The Scenes

Every week we come closer and closer to the big day of revealing the new Beta server and worlds to all of you. I’m always thinking about how I can solidify your trust in me to lead our server community further, and that’s why I’m happy to… read more.

The Ultimate Fireworks Competition!

On November 3rd, 2018, the TreeCrafters Challenge Server will be getting ready to move to the new Beta 1.13.1 worlds, and we’ll be doing it with a bang.

For the very last stream and server party on the 1.12.2 server, we’ll be running a competition to see who can put on the BEST fireworks show. Complete with new fireworks and particle effects, text and image rockets, rollercoasters, and even timed to match some… read more.

Dusk on TreeCrafters – No More 1.12.2 Server Updates

Not only is it time to start really focusing on the move to 1.13.1 and the Beta release of the TreeCrafters server, but it’s time to start posting updates more often!

We’re coming up on 1 year running strong with the 1.12.2 version of the TreeCrafters server, and with Minecon Earth and 1.13.1 being officially supported read more.

The Update Aquatic (in the Land of Oz)

Who’s ready to start a new tree in a 1.13.1 world? How about one near Australia? 🙂

That’s right! There are two big things to announce today: We now have a new server for testing our game mechanics in 1.13.1, AND that server is located near Australia (for our Aussie and Kiwi friends who might like something a little nicer to connect to).read more.

Coming Up On Beta

We are nearing the end of our Alpha development phase, and will soon be entering private Beta of the TreeCrafters Challenge Server!

But what does this mean for all of us? … read more

How to Prepare for the TreeCrafters Challenge Plugin

Have we actually done it? Have we gotten to a point with the TreeCrafters Challenge Plugin that we can finally bring it to the server?

I believe we have, my friends. 🙂

It’s been a long road, but we’re finally here. The TreeCrafters Challenge Plugin will be installed on the server very, very soon, and you’ll be able to follow the original Tree Spirit Challenge rules, with a few modifications, in style….read more.

Transport Items Through Living Roots!

As I continue to push towards creating a game mode that adds more realistic and tree-themed mechanics, I am so happy to introduce living and functional roots for you to add to your builds. Starting today, your roots will suck up resources and transport them to other places on your tree – just like a real root system!

These new blocks and items being added to the game will allow you to enhance the utility of your tree in a way that just makes sense. Using these special roots alongside your main tree root system, you can create automatic item transportation, sorting, and crafting systems.

Here’s a quick and dirty example… read more.

Creating Atmosphere With The TreeCrafters Music Client

I am so pleased with this newest addition to the server.

One of the best ways to create atmosphere in any game is with music and sound effects, and I have just recently learned how to modify the audio output of the minecraft server to create a more custom and immersive experience for TreeCrafters players. Well, kind of.

With a little bit of tweaking, I have successfully managed to sync an external music client with your gameplay in the game! This means that if you are in certain regions or biomes, are underground caving, if it’s day or night, or depending on the activity that you are doing, the music and sound effects of the game will be sent through to the music client that you are connected to and add a significant amount of depth to your gameplay with seamless fading between tracks… read more.

Want to join the TreeCrafters Gaming Community?

We are in a public Beta Development phase which you can join right now! Click the button below to get the IP Address, important links, downloads, and more.

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