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Welcome to TreeCrafters Online!

We’re glad to have you here. Check out our latest server announcements below:

Transport Items Through Living Roots!

As I continue to push towards creating a game mode that adds more realistic and tree-themed mechanics, I am so happy to introduce living and functional roots for you to add to your builds. Starting today, your roots will suck up resources and transport them to other places on your tree – just like a real root system!

These new blocks and items being added to the game will allow you to enhance the utility of your tree in a way that just makes sense. Using these special roots alongside your main tree root system, you can create automatic item transportation, sorting, and crafting systems.

Here’s a quick and dirty example… read more.

Creating Atmosphere With The TreeCrafters Music Client

I am so pleased with this newest addition to the server.

One of the best ways to create atmosphere in any game is with music and sound effects, and I have just recently learned how to modify the audio output of the minecraft server to create a more custom and immersive experience for TreeCrafters players. Well, kind of.

With a little bit of tweaking, I have successfully managed to sync an external music client with your gameplay in the game! This means that if you are in certain regions or biomes, are underground caving, if it’s day or night, or depending on the activity that you are doing, the music and sound effects of the game will be sent through to the music client that you are connected to and add a significant amount of depth to your gameplay with seamless fading between tracks… read more.

New YouTube Series: Server Seeds

It’s true that I’ve already been posting some videos to YouTube with updates on the server gameplay and features, but I was pretty dissatisfied with how they were coming out and where they fit in with the future of this server. So, I started over the Server Seeds video series with a new structure, microphone, intro/outro, schedule, and a refresh on the numbering (we’re back to Episode #1).

Since I’m taking the other videos offline, I will need to go back over some of the concepts I shared before (not all of them) so that new viewers know what’s going on. Don’t worry, though, I’ll keep things interesting for those of you who watched the other videos so you don’t feel like watching these new ones is a waste of time.

I will be uploading a lot of videos to that channel and my other one over the next several weeks/months. Partially because I want to keep you guys informed of things with the server… read more.

Market Now Open – Claim Your Shop Plot!

While working on the new marketplace in that custom biome, I realized that area is going to take a WHOLE LOT longer to get to a finished point before it’s ready for people to go to.

I also have been trying to figure out what to do with the spawn area when you first enter this world (not the hub that you spawn in when you join the server).

Put those two things together, and you have the Spawn Market.

This will be a fairly small market with a few general server shops (and a small area with any additional information to share about gameplay), but more importantly this will be where you guys can claim a plot for your first shop!

Plots will be fairly small – we’ll stick to no larger than 10×10, and I’d like to try and stick to a similar style that is flexible enough for you to add your own personality, but still looks fairly decent for new… read more.